Krua Thai announcement. 

  • All meetings at Krua Thai must be STRICTLY BY APPOINTMENT via email  or call.  Please don’t just turn up.  Please call and make appointment before you come.  We are not ready to present you anything to you without giving us notice.   If you want to see how well we can present to you please respect our request. 
  • EDINBURGH FRINGE in August every year : VENUE 376 Please click the link. or   Category/Show/Performer: Event,  Thai Cookery or Krua Thai Cookery School.
  • Tickets available at the Box Office.  Max class 6 persons, but if you are a group more than 6 persons, please contact the School.  We have space for up to 10 persons in the class. 

Specialist Royal Thai culinary art

Exquisite, traditional Thai cuisine. Over 100 dishes to choose from.   All courses at Krua Thai are masterclass.

Open 9 am – 10 pm. 7 days (except Xmas) STRICTLY BY APPOINTMENT ONLY for a meeting:  or call.



Our extensive 30-year experience of practice and teaching will enable you to master each dish within a few hours. There is a lot to learn to ensure a good foundation before you can cook effectively.  More info: About us. 


Over 2 million visitors during world class Edinburgh Fringe 2019.


Our clients from around the world are looking for best product quality and service.  During the Festival 2019 from UK(10%), 5% Asian- Hong Kong, India, Europe(10%) and the US -various states (75%). So far our students are from 35 countries.

Krua Thai policy is to deliver a high standard with attention to detail and to perform to the best ability. Every year exclusively to Edinburgh Fringe, we offer 3 times teaching a Thai cookery Masterclass with a capacity of maximum 30 students per day or maximum 10 persons per class – or 25 days with total 750 people capacity is the biggest we have ever offered to ensure small and privacy to our clients. It has been 100% successful, according to our well plan a year ahead.

Our sincere thanks to our valued customers/visitors for their kind support to the Krua Thai Cookery School ‘COOKING LIVE’ and The Edinburgh Fringe team for their brilliant support throughout the event. Without the Fringe team to take full control of the sales, it would have been impossible. This year we offered 4 topics successfully as planned. Next year we will offer 8 topics…/krua-thai-cookery-school,- the largest number event during the Edinburgh Fringe world class event. Follow


  1. SPECIAL DIETS:   Those who have special diets and we provide recipes such as for medical conditions, food allergies, Asthmatic, Celiac, food intolerance, etc.   Please confirm/advise the School by e-mail. 


The Krua Thai Cookery School specialises in traditional Thai cuisine for all diets: vegetarian, vegan, non-vegetarian, diabetics, low mood etc.   We will set up the course to suit your needs. The School offers unique training and bespoke service in cookery and fruit carving courses or in catering for you to master within one day.  Our student chefs are high caliber from more than 35 countries such as Executives and Executive Development chefs from leading hotels, food manufacturers and super-yachts.

Our fruit carvings have been used by the world-famous chef Albert Roux for his special events around the UK such as the Gatsby Club for VIPs attending the Wimbledon Tennis Championships. Our cookery students have a list of over 100 dishes to choose to cook professionally.   The sample of our work please visit our gallery page – click Gallery and World class event.

Those who wish to learn fruit carving.  You will learn a lot here.  All the photos you see on this website are Krua Thai work.  If you search for many schools.  Please be sure that fruit carving photos you see from other schools’ website are their own work or just took from a hotel/dinner when they went on holiday.  You should ask the person/School.  We can tell you all that to expect the best from fruit carving training.  We will pass on our knowledge to enable you to be proficient fruit carver.   Learn from Krua Thai for your prosperous life experience and skills you can show off confidently.   Please remember to practice after training to gain your speed and efficiency.

Our teaching style, we believe, is rare and possibly unique. Our secret recipes are ready to impress your customers and create a real talking point. Throughout the 21 years the School has been operating (1997), we have vast experience in the real world of commercial catering to top-flight clients and we wish to pass this on to you. Indeed, we go the extra mile to offer an impressive service delivery. For the best training results and best recipes to use for your business, make sure you choose the Krua Thai Cookery School and we will make it well worth your investment in the long term.


Please contact:

We indeed offer from beginner, but don’t worry about how new you are.  It is our job to make you achieve success once you have paid for.  You will learn a lot in one day.   However, no matter how advanced you are,  when you are at Krua Thai you will learn new things, that’s the whole point of training for the better you keep your existing skills and learn new techniques from Krua Thai to enhance your cooking skills.   60% of our students are professionals, they are private chefs from super yachts, executive chefs, chef consultants

All our classes are private tuition you can do at any time, no need to wait or learn with a group which will be less effective and productive as  superior result Thai cooking needs close attention as there are many between the line and the tutor needs to keep an eye on each of your cooking processe to ensure perfect result as a good example for you to continue at home/workplace.

What skills  you will gain from  Krua Thai.: Our answer is:  You will gain essential process each step of cooking, even the way you stir can affect the end product.   Appearance, aroma, texture, consistency which you can’t get from the internet or books.  You will learn very proper to understand each ingredient, then the blending/balancing techniques, processes of cooking, tasting result, problem-solving to ensure you gain the confidence to go solo cooking to impress your customers/family/friends ie. curry.  This one dish can take up to 2.5 hours, you will make your own curry paste professionally, then blending, balancing techniques without cheating pretending to get students to pound the curry paste and adding ready-made curry paste in like some cooking classes at a cheaper price.  Krua Thai homemade curry paste is by far more superior than ready-made from supermarket shelves.   99.% of Thai restaurants in UK.  buy curry paste from supermarket shelves.   We leave 1 % for those restaurants to inform us that they make their own curry paste if they wish we will proudly add and promote their names on our website.

Many clients have questioned and  wondered what  cost will be involved:   Each lesson: All fees included 20% tax, prep work staff, cleaning staff before and after, sourcing ingredients, imported ingredients, high-quality ingredients ready for your class, 1 load of washing, 1 load of dishwasher, heat and light, packaging food to take home, chef tutor.   Krua Thai has 70% (professional and consultancy work. 30% non-pro teaching.  We have plenty of budgets for everyone to get it right and perform the best result every single time.

Many people can cook Thai food BUT to which level.   If you are serious in Thai cookery or wish to be a step ahead and learn a very proper without fail why not join Krua Thai and impress with our total service delivery that well worth of your long-term investment.  What the media says (click)

NOTE:   Due to intensive training/ full use of tuition to ensure an effective and productive day for each learner.  No, alcohol will be served by the School and use up the tuition time.  The whole point to come to Krua Thai is to learn as much as possible.  We believe you can easily afford a very good wine at home.  However, corporate event or party please feel free bring your own alcohol as we don’t have a license.   We have all types of glasses for you.

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The Krua Thai Cookery School

We have lots to offer at the Krua Thai from lessons in cooking and ornate carving to chef hire and event catering. Whether you want to learn how to cook delicious Thai food at home or you are a chef looking to perfect your Thai dishes then give us a call.

  • Stag and Hen Parties
  • Team Building
  • Event Catering
  • Recipe Formulation
  • Chef Hire
  • Demonstration
  • Gift Vouchers Available!
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Below are some of the recent dishes made by our students!