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Krua Thai Cookery School is a Thai cookery center in Scotland that attracts students from all over the world who wish to discover the secrets of traditional Thai cookery.  These students benefit from our vast experience of up-market Thai restaurants, international board meetings, world-class events and by working with the world-famous chef, Albert Roux.  We certainly have extensive knowledge to pass on and we coach our students to ensure complete satisfaction.  ‘Krua’ means kitchen in Thai.  The school was established in the multicultural city of Edinburgh in 1997 and we offer a unique programme of training in many aspects of Thai cuisine.  The School is well known for achieving the highest standards in traditional Thai cookery, fruit and vegetable carving and food presentation.

Our clients:  Include the Hilton International Board executives, the world-famous chef Albert Roux, Green Dragon, Amoy, Covent Garden soups, Kerry Food Manufacturer, bank of Scotland, Royal Bank of Scotland, ICAS, National Museum of Scotland,  Lucky Boat noodles, Jimmie Sate sauce, the Seafood company for M&S, Noon food manufacturer, Scottish Television etc…

Our mission:  To be the number one specialist cookery school offering a unique standard of training in high status traditional Thai cuisine and blending techniques to professional chefs and lovers of fine food.  We achieve this by using a fully qualified Thai chef with a high level of expertise and a wealth of experience working with executives and other top-flight clients.  The excellent value and quality of the service we offer each client ensure excellent customer retention.  We are committed to continuously improving our level of service so as to not only meet but also surpass our customers’ expectations.

Our Value:  We make culinary secrets available to clients who wish to acquire authentic Thai recipes and understand the intricacies of high quality and delicious traditional Thai cuisine.  We use special techniques that enable our students to master these skills in a very short time and to get ahead of their competitors.  Students receive precise and detailed personal coaching to ensure they acquire as much knowledge as possible and are able to deliver high-quality results every time in the real world.  Our philosophy is that performance comes first and money comes second.  Our primary objective is to make each student achieve the highest standard of traditional Thai culinary art through our teaching and coaching techniques.

Customer care: We are strong both in our internal and external customer focus.  You will enjoy customer friendly, polite, personal service, plus highly effective and prompt attention.  Our premises are smart and fully equipped with high standard facilities.  We also guarantee clients’ privacy from the media.

Our promise: Enjoy worry free when choosing Krua Thai services.  We will

Marketing strategy: A passionate attitude and strong performance with many years’ experience in this specialist field are the main marketing tools we use to sustain our long-term business goal.  Many of our customers hear about us by word of mouth.  Krua Thai Cookery School was advertised 1 month on Scottish Television during Edinburgh Fringe Festival and also a regular guest chef cooking live on Scottish Television ‘FiveLive’/The Hour/The Fountainbridge show programme.  The School had collaborated with The Federation of chef Scotland helping during catering exhibition.  We also advertise in various international and local newspapers and magazines, such as BBC Olive Magazine, The Crew Report- superyacht magazine, On Board Magazine- superyacht magazine, Yachting World, Waitrose Magazine, Sainsbury Magazine, Foodie Magazine, Delicious Magazine, Vogue magazine, Holiday courses UK & Ireland, ion Magazine, No. 1 Magazine, Vogues, The Herald, Edinburgh Evening News, The Scotsman, The Sunday Times, The Herald and Post, Prevue Cinema magazine, Daily Record and Uptown Magazine.   In April 2018 The School had collaboration with Edinburgh Evening News and sponsored ‘ChefAward’  – Best Chef category for Edinburgh restaurants.  

Every year from 2015 Krua Thai joins world class The Edinburgh Fringe venu 376  from 2- 30  August. Krua The offers many choices for cookery event at 50% discount from our normal fee with capecity total of 750 seats in 2019  – 3 times teaching 11 am- 1 pm, 2.30 – 4.30, 7-9 pm. the largest we have ever done.

Our students: Our A&B clients are from more than 35 countries.  They are all fine Thai food lovers who want to discover real superior Thai food.  Each year our students are on average 70% male and 30% female, both professionals and non-professionals (category A and B).  They come from all over the UK and the rest of the world, from as far afield as America, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Honduras, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Trinidad and Zimbabwe.

Our professional students: are high calibre, for the most part, executive chefs, development chefs, food technologists, house managers, butlers, private chefs and sous chefs from various organisations such as boutique hotels, hotel chains, food manufacturers, airlines, yachts, and up-market bars and restaurants.

Our non-professional students: cover a wide variety of interesting careers and we have taught: accountants, architects, bankers, business tycoons, chairmen, chief executives, comedians, company directors, creative directors, dentists, developers, doctors, editors, engineers, estate managers, film producers, film stars, financiers, firefighters, hotel proprietors, housewives, international professional gamblers, IT consultants, jazz singers, journalists, lairds, landscape architects, lawyers, lecturers, managers, musicians, nurses, opera singers, personnel executives, physiotherapists, pilots, professional motor racing drivers, professional golfers, professional jet skiers, recruitment directors, scientists, pharmacists, quantity surveyors, sales representative directors and teachers.  All our students thoroughly enjoy our service, as evidenced by our testimonials.

Community:  The school has supported various organisations and fundraising events, staff development programmes, National food safety week, Minority Ethnic Carers of Older People Project (MECOPP), healthy eating for parents in deprived areas, learning week programme for the Fire Brigade, Crime stop project, schools fundraising and other associations and charities.

Krua Thai is an independent SME business organisation.  The School team put every effort to ensure achieving business targets.  At the same time, we give back to our society.  For this reason, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is part of Krua Thai strategy and ethics.  The School supports several charities for fundraising as stated above.  The School also has collaboration with Edinburgh City Council since 1997 and is part of adult education offering several Thai cookery courses in various schools in Edinburgh such as Broughton High School, James Gillespie High School, Liberton High School to enhance healthy eating and boost quality cooking confidence within the community and society.  Now 21 years of education network and contributing within the non-profit organisations, sponsorship and community.  Our CSR keeps the School busy throughout each year.

Award:   The School believes performance comes first and money will come after.  Krua Thai was established since 1997 with students from 34 countries.  A few companies have contacted to offer an award but we  believe an award should be refused to pay for an award.

Organisations with whom we have collaborated: 

  • We have had various articles written about the School by; the Daily Express; Business a.m.; The Herald, The Scotsman, the Evening News and the Sunday Times and we appeared in ‘Sawasdee’, the in-flight magazine of Thai Airways International.  The School has also received an excellent report from Food & Travel Magazine as “Top of the Class”.
  • Krua Thai Cookery was once a regular on ‘Cooking Live’ on Scottish Television: The Hour, The Fountainbridge Show and Live at Five.
  • Rujira works for the world famous chef Albert Roux for his special events such as world-class tennis championships in London and other parts of the UK.
  • Rujira has been invited to work as the private, specialist chef for planning and implementing various theme buffets and special banquets for several European executives.  Our clients include the international presidents and other chief executives of the Hilton International Group around the world total of 25 countries in her time working there.  The menus presented have included top quality traditional Thai cuisine using superior food presentation techniques and including the Royal Thai culinary art of fruit and vegetable carving.
  • We were honoured to work with the Hilton International Group in implementing a special buffet for 300 delegates from all over the world for the launch of Ms. Saigon in Edinburgh.
  • We won the contract to provide the catering for 750 guests at the prestigious Edinburgh International Festival – Perrier Comedy Awards ceremony with special Thai canapés and stunning food presentation.
  • The School has also featured several times on BBC radio interviews,  Scottish TV and Grampian TV’s food and drink programme ‘Air A Bhord’, Live At Five, Tea for Ten on STV where Rujira has been a regular guest chef on STV.
  • Our clients for flexible training/food consultancy/food implementation/executive lunch/dinner/team building include: Caledonian Hilton Hotel, Hilton Dublin, Hilton Craigendarroch in Aberdeen, Holiday Inn, Delta Group-Sweden, Food distributors, manufacturers for all UK supermarkets (such as M&S, Sainsburys, Tesco, Waitrose, Asda), RBS UK executives, PKF finance co., Capital Credit Union, WL Gore, Maximillion & San Frontier event companies, various small luxury house hotels, upmarket Cookery School and up-market bars and restaurants.
  • We were honoured to take part in a fruit and vegetable carving demonstration at King James Thistle Hotel, Edinburgh organised by the Tourism Authority of Thailand during the launch of “Amazing Thailand”

About Rujira Herd – Course Leader

Rujira Yuenboon Herd,  BA(Hons) IHM, Dip. Cul, Dip HTM, Dip BA, Dip REHIS, AET

There are many clients are interested and want to know about Rujira’s background during the class, but won’t be able to tell all as our schedule is too tight and full use of practical training.  Here is her story:  Rujira Yuenboon Herd is the course leader of the Krua Thai Cookery School.  She was born in Chiangmai, northern Thailand and was educated in Wattano Thai Ladies School in Chiangmai where she gained all her basic skills in cookery, fruit carving and other facets of essential classical Thai culture.   Rujira was brought up in a family of teachers and in the Thai tradition of discipline, high ethics and strong principles. Therefore, education is always a priority for her family.  Rujira has a colourful career prior to becoming a fully qualified Thai chef.  

In Thailand:  Rujira obtained a Diploma in Hospitality Management – Food and Beverage.  She was trained at  4-5 star hotels in Chiangmai.   She also gained a Diploma in Business Administration at Ratchamankala University in Chiangmai Thailand.  She worked as a duty manager in a quality 400 seat restaurant and later took up a position as a personal assistant in a Thai silk export company.  She moved on to join international travel – Import and Export company that dealt primarily with the Korean National Tourism Corporation.    During her work, Rujira was also working as an import and export agent Rujira always enjoys keeping herself busy.  

In the UK:  Rujira went on the study to ensure her relevant qualification.   She has gained  HND in Culinary Arts with Management at Edinburgh Telford College and a BA (Hons – 2:1) in International Hospitality Management at Queen Margaret University, Advance Diploma in Food Hygiene, Award Education Training Level 3 (AET). She is a member of Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland with a full license as a trainer in Food Hygiene and Food Allergens.  During her studied business entrepreneurship as part of management degree,  Rujira had won ‘Sir Alex Fletcher Prize’ for her ‘ Best Business Plan’.  Her supervisor has used her business platform as a good example business plan for other business students to learn.   Rujira was later invited to give a talk at various business seminars to present her business how and why Krua Thai Cookery School has been successful and have students from more than 34 countries.  Krua Thai Cookery School now serves clients in Europe and other parts of the world for flexible training and consultancy.

Rujira enjoys keeping herself busy, learning, working, and experimenting.  She enjoys traveling in several countries.   Prior to establishing Krua Thai Cookery School, she worked as a freelance translator dealing with editing, police, and court case around Scotland and Shetland, but first employment in Edinburgh was offered by the university as a part-time tutor of Thai language a the Centre of Continuing Education at the University of Edinburgh (1987-1994) and where she was trained to teaching English as Foreign Language (TEFEL) from Uni of Edinburgh.   At the same time 1986 -1997 the pre-internet era – her first arrived in UK, Rujira ran a wholesale import business Thai handicraft from Chiangmai her hometown with the help of her sister who was a teacher at that time and had no idea of export.  Rujira taught her sister each step on how to do export over the phone and several letters.   However, her first love was cooking as she also worked as a chef as Scotland’s first Thai restaurant (80 seats) from 1987-1997 where she gained extensive knowledge and experience in the real world of commercial catering in the UK.  She worked at the Waldorf Astoria – Caledonian Hilton Hotel.  She later was asked to join and followed her boss to work as a specialist chef responsible for Thai cuisine for Hilton presidents around the world for their board meetings.   Rujira works as a food consultant for various food manufacturers and distributors in UK. ie. the Covent Gardens Soup, Amoy UK, Noon products, The Seafood company etc… She also worked for the world famous chef Albert Roux for his special events around the UK. such as The Gatsby club at the Wimbledon Championships. By combining her business and cookery skills, Rujira opened her own highly popular and successful Krua Thai Cookery School, which has collaborated with Adult Education Edinburgh City Council since 1997.  The School offers weekend (Saturday) 1 day, 4-5 weeks at various schools in Edinburgh such as ‘Thai Street Food at Liberton High School, James Gillespie High School, Broughton High School,  ‘Thai cookery with a chef’ during spring and autumn at Broughton High School which is very popular and fully booked every year.    Please feel free to discuss when you come.   Ru is more than happy to tell you a fun story of what and why she ended up as a chef. Enjoy reading. Swadee ka : )  

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Please contact:  contact@kruathai.co.uk