Outside Catering

Superior quality food by Krua Thai

Up to 800 guests

” Krua Thai won the contract catering for 750 guests at the prestigious Edinburgh International Festival – Perrier Comedy Awards ceremony”

The Krua Thai Cookery School is proud to present high status traditional Thai cuisine to its clients.  We have amassed a vast wealth of experience built up with top-flight clients, both national and international.  We are confident you will be impressed by the initiative and ideas we bring to your event.  Our highly qualified chef and staff have been trained to deliver a quality service and relieve the customer of any worry.

Krua Thai full imagination.   Allow us to work properly

Please remember that price isn’t everything.  Good quality ingredients/products don’t come cheap and cheap ingredients/products are hard to create superior quality.   The quality of the service and product are the most important considerations.  Sight, aroma and taste, in that order, are the 3 most vital attributes.  Each of our recipes is combined with an average of 7-24 exotic ingredients to create the perfect blend.  We take pride in our work and take great care to ensure that each of these 3 vital senses is catered for every time.

We also work to suit your maximum budget if our standard hand out does not suit you.   We love cooking superior food for those who adore Thai food.  Please feel free to discuss and tell us frankly about your budget set.  It will be much easier for us to organise the food.   Outside catering will be just the same as your holiday, how much you wish to spend, you can control.  

 Food specification policy

Only first-class, quality ingredients are used in all our recipes, for your long-term health.   such as fresh fillet steak, sirloin steak, organic grade A poultry (NOT frozen), fresh Kaffir limes leaves (not frozen) and freshly pounded curry paste (not ready-made from the supermarket like most restaurants/caterers do). The whole buffet or banquet will be beautifully presented and will come complete with stunning fruit and vegetable carving to create a real talking point among your guests.    We feel good and it’s our job to select quality products that are top grade and top class texture, taste, to ensure customers feel want to eat more and more.    Cheap catering will likely to use ie. cheap box standard fresh chicken approx. £4-5/kg or frozen chicken grade C  at price approx. £25 for 10 kg(There are  3 gread: A, B, C grade), lemon juice from a bottle, dried garlic, frozen or dried lime leaves,  cheap oil etc.   Why not talk to us.  We are more than happy to tell you all.    Krua Thai exclusive quality outside catering has a different approach from general caterers and will not be cheaper than general restaurants where they concentrate on profits compromised with a small portion, but we concentrate on superior quality, for your long-term health, eat as much as you like and to impress your guests. 

Invite your guests 

When you send an invitation to your guests,  please add an extra note to request for their special dietary requirements/food allergen/ intolerance/like/dislike.   We will be able to organise the food to suit your guests.    Please confirm a list of any special diets ie. allergy, intolerance, dislike/like at least 21 days in advance.     Failure to do so, we regret we are unable to accommodate last minute cooking to special diet guests.

Our service:

  • Top quality bespoke outside catering to suit your budget.  Set up your maximum budget then contact us
  • Catering for up to 800 guests
  • Superior quality fresh ingredients and food presentation
  • Endless initiatives and ideas to impress your guests
  • Fully qualified and highly experienced chef
  • Well trained, immaculate, and polite staff
  • For clients who are looking for something extraordinary.
  • Charity event.  Theme catering for low budget – ie. Thai green curry and rice theme,  Typical Thai lunch theme.

If you are looking for quality and something totally different to impress your guests we are here waiting to serve you.  Please contact the Krua Thai Cookery School for more information or to arrange your particular requirements.  We are more than happy just to talk and help.

Price: To suit your budget.  Please give us a call, we will find the best solution for you.

Payment:  By bank transfer or cheque.


“We’re confident you’ll be entirely satisfied with our service.”

Sample feedback from our clients:  More on the testimonials page.

“…Thank you so much Ru – we all had a fabulous time, and thoroughly enjoyed all the food. The set up was great, and the staff were superb too.

I’m sure there is no problem with the photos being used, and thank you for the offer for the cookery lessons!…”   (Ruth Croman – MacNabs Law Firm in Scotland).