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2019 KRUA THAI OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED TO OFFER 4 COOKERY WORKSHOPS : EXCLUSIVE TO EDINBURGH FRINGE ONLY (please click) -2019.  Learn more from different workshops at up to 70% discount from our normal fee.  Venue: 376 :  Time:  10- 12 noon,  2-4 pm.  7-9 pm.   Price: £65, £75.



Only £49/pp per workshop.   The tickets available from 19th April at the Box Office.     More info. : 

1. DELICIOUS PAD THAI:  Make superior Pad Thai, impress your family and friends.

Delicious, traditional Pad Thai cookery masterclass. 100% hands-on. Make superior Pad Thai, impress your family and friends and keep the professional recipe. Palm sugar, fish sauce and acidic tamarind deliver a powerful umami punch. Bean sprouts, oriental radish and crushed peanuts provide crunch. A perfect balance of the sweet, sour and saucy flavours of Pad Thai that does the nation proud. Two people per group: help each other cook. Please advise of any special dietary requirements in advance. 

2. MASTERCLASS THAI COOKERY WORKSHOP WITH  LUNCH: Masterclass Thai cookery workshop with three delicious, traditional dishes. Exclusive to the Edinburgh Fringe. 100% hands-on Thai cookery with professional recipes to take home. Please inform us of any special dietary requirements at least three days in advance. We are only 2.7 miles from the city and 20 minutes by bus, direct to the door (7, 37, 47 and 67). Lunch included. 

3.  AMAZING BANGKOK STREET FOOD IN THAILAND:   By executive Thai chef Rujira Herd (Ru). You can eat superior Thai food and you can buy all Thai ingredients in Edinburgh or other parts of UK. Ru will reveal her best-kept trade secrets through a 100% hands-on lesson, creating three delicious traditional dishes. Something different to celebrate the Fringe. Exclusive to the Edinburgh Fringe. The school is 2.7 miles from city. Twenty minutes by bus (numbers 7,37,47,67), straight to the door. Please advice about special diets at least three days in advance. Lunch included.   

Venue: 376 at Krua Thai Cookery School: 19 Liberton Brae, Edinburgh, EH16 6AQ.  Date: 3– 27 AUGUST 2018 : 2 HOURS SESSION. (normal price £169-£200/pp). 1 pm.- 3 pm.   We have repeat guests every year.  For those who came before, please let us know, we will change to  different menu from your previous visit.    


  • Special diets/allergies must contact in writing via e-mail at least 7 days.     
  • Please remember no refund tickets in any circumstances, but you can pass on to others, and inform the School in writing via e-mail.   In this special event of Edinburgh Fringe, the Box Office controls our sales.   It is your responsibility to be on time and allow plenty time for yourself.   

Tickets: click  Box Office  Edinburgh International Fringe.

More info: Please contact the school Tel: 0131 664 3036, or via e-mail:



GROUP LESSON: SPECIAL OFFER  £200 /PP/DAY:  Minimum 2 people.  Any shortage number will be postponed.

Cookery demonstration (60%) with part hands-on (40%):  This course you will help each other cook and lunch together.  No food to take home for this offer.   Let us know if you have special dietary requirements.



How to enrol:  Please send us e-mail with your tel. number.  Once there is enough number.  We will contact you.



  1. Hot and soup king prawns with galangal, lemongrass, lime leaves
  2. Chicken red curry with coconut and Thai basil.
  3. Fried rice with eggs – a meal by its own.
  4. Tom-Jeud – Thai soup accompaniment dish along with hot & spicy dishes
  5. Banana in aromatic Thai vanilla and coconut mil and toasted sesame seeds.



KRUA THAI COOKERY WORKSHOP AND DINNER EVENT WITH STUNNING FRUIT CARVING SHOW/DEMONSTRATION:   7-10.30 PM. SPECIAL OFFER @£99/pp (normal £135/pp).   Demonstration 3 dishes with some hands on.

Enjoy cookery demonstration and Thai banquet 10-course meal.  Everyone will love Krua Thai.   The date will suit the majority.   Any shortage number will be postponed, a date will be discussed to suit the majority.  Please contact the school should you wish to take up our offer.    More info.

NOTE:  This offer is excellent for those who wish to experiment and experience top quality Thai cuisine that fits the king, but not suitable for those who are looking for 100% hands-on.



Recommended Health benefits 

Shivago Thai Clinic Edinburgh: By highly trained and fully qualified professional.    The place that I regularly visit.  Excellent for those who have aches and pains.

Therapeutic Treatment for Aches and Pains, Lanna Herbal Compress Therapy, Thai Medical Massage, General Thai Massage, Neck and Shoulder Massage, Thai Foot Massage, Thai Cupping Therapy and Tui Na.  Why massage is good for your health.  Virtually every system of the body is affected by massage, either directly or indirectly.  



Sample of our personalised gift vouchers.   Please book in advance.  

Hand-made by Krua Thai- Exclusive  for someone very special.   Free post. 

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