NOTE:  During COVID 19.  the government guidelines keep changing.   You will be informed of the latest news via email. 


HOW TO CONTACT:  Meeting or viewing by appointment only.  Please introduce yourself, where you work location, tel. , the reason to stay, check-in and check-out date etc.  via:   

For those who are young and wish to feel at home while staying abroad.    What parents say:

Hello RU

We thank you well for your receipt of payment and your kind message.
Already before his(her, its) departure for Edinburgh, we knew that Victor had the favour of an available and devoted person. And it confirmed upon his/her arrival. We are very happy to know him(it) with a family so pleasant. We are very grateful to you for the good care which you lavish him(her): moral comfort and small dishes. We would have the pleasure to visit Edinburgh, but the time will miss us. On the other hand, if you had to stay in France, you would not fail to come to see us. It would be with great pleasure.
Do not hesitate to contact us if need. Victor is a kind boy, I do not think that you will meet big concerns with him. A problem of pillow doubtless!

Yours sincerely

Family LOYER


We have students from around the world with cultural differences and life styles.  You will follow UK system and culture:

  • Free Referencing should you need one
  • Free check-in
  • Free Inventory
  • Free Administration
  • Late payment will be charged
  • Lost key: will be replaced at a cost
  • 1-month security deposit – if you don’t damage things. The money will be refunded a day before you check-out. By law 7 days.   No security deposit will be refunded if you leave 2 months before the agreement/agreed date because the host can’t find a guest in time.
  • For international students:


  1. Type of accommodation: 
  2. Location:   
  3. Mentor
  4. The rent cost and security deposit
  5. Meal
  6. Washing clothes
  7. Cooking time – kitchen
  8. Bathroom rules
  9. Accommodation in Edinburgh and bed sit meaning.  Book well in advance as it is not easy to find
  10. House rules
  11. Police registration 
  12. Talk to us/Visit /view the accommodation
  13. Frequent ask questions
  14. Our guests – who are they?
  15. Transport/ Taxi – Do you wish to be picked up/drop off at the airport
  16. The reason to choose Krua Thai Cookery School host family
  17. Check-in, check-out terms: A copy of passport, take all your belongs

The basic cost of living in Edinburgh according to Edinburgh University:  You will notice that our superior accommodation is the best value and fair.

What you should look for:   Edinburgh is one of the high costs of living in the UK.

1. Type of accommodation:   The host stay/live- in the house.   You have your own bedroom no share with anyone.  there will be 1 or 2 persons.  NOTE:  If the School is fully booked, we will provide another place outside the School to ensure you have good standard accommodation to stay.

2. Location: EH16 6AQ within a few minutes’ walk of a bus stop.  There are several bus routes ensuring buses run approximately every 10 minutes throughout the day and 15-20 minutes at night.  It takes only 15 -20 minutes by bus to reach the city center.  Edinburgh has an excellent transport link.  There are buses everywhere run every 10 mins.  Buses run almost 24 hours, except Sunday with less frequent.   Please check the location from Google before you book if you are happy or not.

5 mins walk to the Kings Buildings from our home: EH16 6AQ.

Krua Thai located on the south side, main road, bus stop in front of the house.  We are near Kings Buildings – Edinburgh university.

3. Mentor:  Rujira Herd – The course leader will be your mentor, so you don’t feel alone while in Edinburgh.  Ru will give you all the information and take you to see your place/study to see a better picture rather than just a map.

4. The rent:

  • Reservation deposit: £200 payment in advance by bank transfer/paypal/via airbnb.   when you make a reservation.  This is a non-refundable, called a booking deposit.  Pay when you are absolutely sure you will take the room.
  • You must confirm that you have budget to pay monthly and will pay to according to our terms.  For those who don’t pay in full.   Your payment  each month/2 months will be 7 days before your check-in date.

MONTHLY:  From £850-£1200/pp/month short term £1,000 or £250/week for 1 month. Depending on seasons, room.

Full monthly payment will be paid no exempt even if you are on holiday. Payment must be made in full for under 6 months or can be organised every 2 months payment excluded security deposit. Our price for rent is per person.  Edinburgh is not cheap to stay and council tax is high.   We paid  £3,500 per year.   excluded electricity, gas, waste, plastic for recycle, rubbish, sewage, water, wi-fi, insurance to provide quick service over £700/year for our guests, plus maintenance cost each year.    Low rent in Edinburgh you may get a shock when you see in real.

Long term stay from 7 months.  Full payment will be made 7 days in advance prior to your check-in date –  no discount will be made if you decide to have a holiday in between or leave sooner.  Please ensure your date is absolutely correct to your plan.  If you leave sooner, we don’t get a new guest in time. 

PAYMENT: PAY KRUA THAI COOKERY SCHOOL: For long term, If you agreed to pay monthly, your monthly payment must reach the school at least 7 days prior to your check-in date: £20 per day will be charged for any delay.  Full payment will be made monthly even less days you check-in, rent monthly, or weekly  agreement if less than 1 month a £285/week, after long stay, extra night £39/pp/night will be made in advance via bank transfer at the time of booking to guarantee your place.  

SECURITY DEPOSIT: 1-month deposit, but any damage you will pay full costs.

Short term under 7 months.  Full rental payment will be made plus deposit.


Cancellation before agreeing time:   For short term under 6 months:  Full rental payment will be made plus deposit.  

A receipt:  Will be sent, please check and notify if incorrect for both parties’ records.  

Can I use my deposit to cover my last month’s rent?


5. Meal:  You provide your own food, we have a space fridge for you.

6. Washing/cleaning: Free washing once a week as day time as we use the solar system and you provide your own washing powder.  We have a dry room.

7, Cooking time- kitchen: the Shared kitchen.  Please always use a chopping board when you want to cut anything to protect worktop from damage.  Any damage by you will be liable to pay in full for carelessness and no consideration to look after the property.  You can organise the time you want to cook, but not at the same time it will be too much traffic in the kitchen.

8. Bathroom: It is shared bathroom/s: Please ensure the bathroom is cleaned, flush again, check and wipe any wet floor before you leave   ready for the next guest.  Therefore, do not spend too long time on unnecessary activity.  The guest should enjoy using the clean bathroom every time.    Always shut the lid after use to look tidy.

Keep the bathroom clean.  Put all your belongings in your bedroom to keep the bathroom tidy for other guests.

Clean bathroom:  As shared bathroom/s, you must be flexible.   Have a shower in the evening before 9 pm. as in the morning when everyone needs a  bathroom to go out to study/work.

9. How easy to rent accommodation in Edinburgh and what bedsit meaning.

Superior quality and feel at home in Edinburgh.  Krua Thai Cookery School host family offers straightforward service to save time for our guests.  We offer short or long-term  as a bed-sit (for those who are not from the west, bed-sit means a bedroom with desk and chair, shared a super clean bathroom and kitchen). Living room for the host to keep their privacy. However, you are welcome to come for a chat but not all the time.  

About accommodation in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is one of the high cost of living cities in Europe.   If you wish to stay in a good place, good host, high standard accommodation, good area.

EDINBURGH:  It is not easy to find a nice place at a bargain price in Edinburgh not the same as your city unless you wish to pay a high price.  Krua Thai is the best place and simple straightforward contract compare to complicate estate agents.  

RENT THE PLACE IN EDINBURGH:   YOU NEED TO BOOK 4-6 MONTHS AHEAD TO GET THE PLACE.  Choose the host that you can trust like Krua Thai.  Last-minute booking if you wish hassle.  


We offer top quality, comfortable and excellent value residential accommodation in Edinburgh for solo traveller who are looking for a quiet, safe place like home.  You can use the kitchen, washing, free once a week, high-speed wifi throughout the house.  The School policy offers you the best accommodation high-quality home and interior, affluent location, close to the bus stop,  to your work/study) at the best family (very kind, clean, open-minded, considerate, generous, educated, professional, manners, empathy) and the best value for money compared to quality). 

Can I bring my friend to stay overnight in my bedroom?   


Strictly no guest(s) to stay or entertain  to invade the host privacy.   If you fail to comply with our house rules.  You will be charged £50/pp/night.


Nationals from the following countries are required to register with the police after they collect their BRP in the UK and also update their details as required: Click information here

Afghanistan, Algeria, Argentina, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Belarus, Bolivia, Brazil, China, Colombia, Cuba, Egypt, Georgia, Hong Kong, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Libya, Moldova, Morocco, North Korea, Oman, Palestine, Peru, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Yemen, Stateless or traveling on a non-national document (i.e. Travel Document).

To find out where you will be studying:   Look at page 4/4

12. Talk to us

Please contact us via e-mail: Tel: 0131 664 3036, 00 44 (0)7833458219 for LINE/what’s up or via Skype (Rujira Herd/Krua Thai Cookery School) at the time to suit both parties by appointment only

We set standards just as you book the hotel.  No need to view the room as it is just exactly the same as you see from the photo.    If it is not the same, you will get a full refund.

13. Frequent ask questions

  1.  How many people will be sharing within the house:  2 lodgers.
  2. All equipment provided:  Pots, pan, bedsheets and duvet:   We provide you quality beds in all rooms, a new set for each guest, a quality bed, bed protector, duvet/pillow protector, towels to ensure high standard throughout your stay.
  3. Breakfast/meal:  You provide your own breakfast/meal.  You will have your own cupboard, fridge, shared kitchen cook at the time to suit all, but not at the same time.   If you want to cook at a specific time, you can tell everyone that you need this time so that will not be a traffic jam in the kitchen.   Please work in your room, not the kitchen to keep others to have privacy/space.  You have a desk in your room.
  4. More photos of the accommodation:   Please send your private email and ask for Pdf.  We will send to you all.
  5. Any damage:  Please let us know.

14. Our guests

Most of our guests are visiting professors, researchers, PhD.  Doctors, post-doc, exchange/internship, students, or other professionals from around the world.   This type of mature guests love our place and are perfect guests.  Therefore, we expect, especially young students to have the same quality:  respect to the house rules, take care of our property, and think of others.    

15. Transport/Taxi – Tel: 0131 228 1211   


Taxi in UK is very safe day and night taxi.  It will be cheaper if you take the bus to the city   AirLink 100 to the city – Waverley Station £4.50/trip, then get off and take bus no. 7, 37 or call a black taxi  (£13) from the city to Liberton Brae,  Please check with the driver if he is passing ‘ Liberton Brae’  in case you get the wrong side.  If yes, once you get on the bus after 15 mins.  You ask the bus driver to stop at ‘ The first bus stop at the bottom of the Liberton Brae ‘  He will remember if you tell him a shorter time.  , He will stop and tell you to get off, but there is a bell button to press.   Or You can take a taxi from the city to our place if you wish a cheaper cost.  

We can organise to pick you up only a certain time depending on your arrival/departure time at the cost £30/trip. Cheaper than a taxi (approx. £33-£35/trip).  Due to the traffic jam during a certain time and wintertime is getting dark, to drive at night on the motorway. It will be better to take a bus or taxi.

BOOKING YOUR FLIGHT:   If possible.  Choose departure flight between 1 – 3 pm.  Arrival around 9 pm. then take the taxi straight to the School.   Please avoid to leave morning as 7-9 am is a traffic jam from home it’s a rush hour/ traffic jam.

16. The reason to choose Krua Thai accommodation. 

We are here to take care of you at our place.  You take care of yourself when outsite especially late night.  Safe better than sorry.

It is Krua Thai policy to ensure both lodgers/their family/parents feel safe while living in Edinburgh and to know who you will be staying with.  Krua Thai will take care of all of your worries to ensure a worry and stress-free to all guests..

    • We guarantee to secure your place 100 %.  No cancellation in the last minute like other hosts, you may face last-minute cancellations. This will cause you the hassle.
    • You don’t need to waste your time and money to come to check the place.  We will sort out everything and ensure you receive the best service from us.
    • Book direct at Krua Thai to avoid commission hassle and secure 100% for accommodation.    Your money will be 100% safe.
    • FREE STAY FOR UP TO 21 DAYS IF WE FAIL OUR PROMISE:  NO NEED TO COME TO CHECK OUR PLACE IF YOU LIVE FAR AWAY.   Our accommodation is exactly as photos shown as hotel booking or  Our place at Krua Thai by far beyond general standard.
    • Perfect for a professional male or female solo traveller.   You are responsible for your own safety at late night out.  Safe better then sorry, you need to take care of yourself.   We expect all our lodgers come home by 2 pm. now and again.  Recommend you to take a taxi (very safe) if you are very late night.  You will inform the host if you will be late. 
    • For those who are looking for some assistance, a nice, super clean and safe place to stay and those who like a homely atmosphere.   You will be well looked after and full support and assistance to what you need help especially illness, urgent matter.   
    • Our price is much lower than local hotels, hostel and other B&B accommodation
    • Booking is on a first come first served basis
  • Our shared bathrooms:  are monitored throughout the day at Krua Thai.  We will do our best to ensure super clean at all time and that we expect our guests to clean and check to ensure super clean not just flush and leave without checking.   However, accommodation outside the School will be your responsibility to ensure the bathroom is clean and dry.   Please take responsibility what you do, many lodgers are careless the bathroom or kitchen is flooded.   You will be liable to pay in full for what has been damaged.  Respect other people property.
  • Bedroom:  We expect to clean once a week and no scent/candles for health and safety.  No smoke or flame in bedroom.  We provide you good accommodation please look after as your own place and respect the host property especially young students.
  • FULL REFUND POLICY:  If we fail our promise.  A full refund will be made within 3-5 days.(UK/abroad)

Please submit your application form before booking.  We need to know you before we accept you.

17. Check-in, check-out terms: 

  • A copy of your passport (you can send via email).
  • Check-out time:  Take all your belongs and clear space.  We don’t have storage to keep your belongs.

Can a landlord keep your security deposit?

Most landlords will ask you to pay the security deposit and they have a good reason for asking for this.  A deposit is like insurance against something going wrong in the property, if you breach the house rules.  However, it’s important to remember that this money is your money and the landlord should only keep it if you have caused damage/breach the house rules in the property.

HOUSE RULES. To ensure no misunderstanding, but less than Japanese house rules.

Should you wish to stay with us.  We ask for your kind cooperation.  People with good discipline/standard should have no problem with our house rules as you normally do at your home.   The rules are set and will be monitored and take corrective action because we faced problems in previous, but for guests who have the excellent discipline/mature, empathy and consideration will enjoy our place.   For those who are not neat/tidy especially using the bathroom, our place will be best for you to improve your discipline.   You will learn a lot from us.

Good manners: Understand British culture:   The DOS AND THE DON’TS: and well-trained people don’t ask for age, income, how much things cost, nosy (showing, probing others affair/personal information) with their personal information.   If you will be late, tell the host, say hello and good morning when you see the host not ignore them.    Talk to the host ie. weather, Edinburgh attraction etc…not to run away from them.    This show what normal people would do.

KITCHEN:     Please clean immediately after use and before your eating time. 

NOTE: The kitchen is for eating not studying or working.  We provide a desk for you in the room.  Please use your desk in the room.  This to keep others use the kitchen with their privacy.

1. Please take off your shoes! It’s unhygienic and leaves at the front door at all times for hygiene reasons.  We reserve the right to terminate the contract if you breach our terms. 

2. Please BE QUIET AT ALL TIMES:  Especially EARLY MORNING AND LATE NIGHT such as closing doors gently, train yourself to walk up and down stairs silently -please do not run, as the noise will disturb other guests, playing music, using/not talking loud the phone.     

How do I walk up/down the stairs silently?

Walking silently is an art that takes a little to master.  Learn how to move without making a sound.  Walk with your front part of your feet, not your heel, you will notice how quiet it is.  Try walking on the balls of your feet, not your heel and using your toes for balance. You can even try side-stepping on the edges of the stair with your entire foot.

3. Renting contact for 1 person only as you registered only 1 name.   No additional guests allowed in the house to keep the host’s privacy avoid too much traffic and bathroom, cooking time.   

For those who are young students and have parents visit:  Please search for British etiquette and manners on appointment.  Cultural differences might cause conflict, especially for younger students/undergrads.  If you wish to be happy throughout your stay you must follow our house rules and do not set the rules to suit yourself when staying with the host.   We welcome a family visit, but please organise well in advance at the time to suits both the host and the parents.  You don’t just turn up to suit you or send a text the host may be busy and not have time to read.  The host might not be ready to entertain.  It will be the most awkward situation ‘as invading the host privacy’  if you turn up without an appointment.

4. No smoking/alcohol/drugs in the house.  No guest to entertain.    

5. No drinking, no toasters/coffee/tea maker in the bedroom as a bag of tea can make a mark on the carpet(it happened before from careless guest), no eating food/tea/coffee in bed as it will cause a duvet/bed sheet, carpet dirty either by accident and you will be liable to pay for the cost of cleaning or changing the new carpet.  TAKE AWAY TIME:  CURFEW  BY 10 PM. for security reasons and we don’t want delivery to ring the bell late night to disturb others.

STAIN /DAMAGE FROM YOUR CARELESSNESS:  Please take extra care on the host property.   Do not have pen/colour on your bed/seat.  You are responsible and pay for any damage.    Avoid any leaking pen/colour, flooded bathroom or kitchen etc.  Do not put a pen in your trousers back pocket this might be leaking and damage the host seat/bed.  Any damage please inform the host immediately, they will resolve the problem.

6. Any guest under the influence of drink or drugs will not be allowed entry to the house.

7. Please show your consideration, this is not the hotel where they charge full price and according to seasons.   Your rent does not mean you can use the light/gas without caring for the host expenses.  Especially gas & electricity in UK the price has gone up a lot even this house has solar system.  Please be sparing and aware of the cost of energy / in the use of energy as it is very expensive (eg. do not open window when the heating on.).  Do not turn the light on when sleep.   Failure to do so, the host reserves the right to charge at the end of your check-out at £5/night You pay the rent does not mean you can use whatever you want.   Extra heat will be paid at £50/pp/month if you need more heat in your room.   Our central heating should be sufficient enough our central heating is on from 7.30 am – 11 pm.  Our place is a high standard compared to many box standard accommodations for rent.  

8. Please keep the bathroom clean and tidy after use ready for the next user.  For those who are from a hot country.  Please be aware that Hot water is expensive, unlike in your country.  Do not let the shower run when not in use as it creates too much steam and causes dampness.  We monitor the cleanliness, if the toilet dirty, we have a brush for you to clean.   Don’t let others clean your mess.   Please put extra effort – Clear your hair fall out both in bathroom and bedroom.  

9. Please ensure the bathroom is tidy at all times.  Please spend a few minutes before you leave as it is for other guests not just for you.  Therefore please keep toiletries in your bedroom not lying around in the bathroom and hang your towels over the radiator in your bedroom to keep dry and ready for the next morning.  Shut the toilet lid after use to keep the toilet tidy.

10. Curfew 2 am. generally. Our houses are not suitable for those guests who regularly party late at night.    For young students, you are here to study and your parents expect you to concentrate on your studies.   During COVID19 you will be at home most time.  Restaurant/bars can open till 10 pm.

11.  Cooking time:  before 10.30 pm. to avoid noise,  You must clean before your meal to get into good discipline.  Leaving dirty dishes in the sink, dirty pan, dirty burners behind and let others clean your mess is certainly not acceptable in this place.   If a problem, you will be notified by us.

NO COOKING/OVEN AFTER 11 PM, as one of our lodgers forgot to switch off oven till the next morning, this is not acceptable for health and safety. but you can use a microwave as disturbing others bedtime /cooking smell/for safety reasons.  In previous someone cooked late night and left the oven on until the host discovered in the morning breakfast.   This is not acceptable and dangerous.   Always use a placemat at all times to avoid scratch/damage on the worktop/surface.     The kitchen is free to cook at any time provided you clean the burners if no one use,  mostly from 6.30 pm.   You can cook and keep in the fridge and heat up when required.   The sink must be clean after use at all times.  Or ask the host, you can cook before or after them.  Give them privacy,  avoid cooking at the same time.      Late-night food should be prepared and ready to eat/heat up.  NO cooking, using an oven from 11 pm – 9 am because of unexpected noise as it will disturb those who are sleeping.

MOBILE PHONE/SKYPE:  Please be aware, especially late-night talk.   You must think of others who are in bed/studying.   Please send a message instead.   We kindly request to talk quietly or NO  talk after  10 pm.   lease use half of your voice as some talk too loud.   Avoid talk late night as disturbing people sleeping.   If you wish to talk, please go to the bathroom downstairs utility room, make sure you shut all doors this you can talk and not disturb others.

12. Bath time:    Please made before 10.30 pm.  to avoid noise and to ensure that we checked the bathroom by 10.30 to ensure everything is in good condition for the next guests.    PLEASE TURN FAN ON AND FAN OFF, LIGHT OFF, NO WET FLOOR,  TURN SHOWER OFF PROPERLY.    We are looking for a guest who can take care and look after and respect our property and other guests.   We will leave a note immediately if we see any careless guests ie. did not turn off shower properly, floor wet, dirty toilet…these guests created too much hassle that we have to keep an eye on everything like kids.    

13. Appearance standard:  The School reserves the right to control our public image and that to match with our regular professional conservative guests, therefore  ‘No facial jewellery, no nose jewellery,  visible tattoo’, no drink and drunk in our place.

14.  Termination:  The School reserves the right to terminate your contract if we faced any difficulties with your situation/behaviour/breached our house rules.   No deposit will be refunded.

15.  It is lodger’s responsible:   Although the host’s place is safe and has their insurance, it is lodger’s responsible to have insurance to cover his/herself and belongings.  Clean /dust/hoover once a week especially on your day off to keep your room clean and in good condition as your first seen. Any damaged caused by you will be paid for.

HOW CLEAN THE BATHROOM: the Shared bathroom.  The bathroom is our first priority for cleanliness.  5 star Super clean bathrooms.  Induction will be provided.

16. Washing/ironing:  Once a week (your own washing liquid). During the day is preferable as we use Sola system.  You must set time to dry your clothes not to leave in the washing machine and let other dry for you.

17. Bedsit:  Available as bedsit (For those who come other parts of the world bedsit in the UK. means you have a bedroom and shared a kitchen.   A living room is for the host to keep their privacy, indeed, you are welcome now and again, but not all the time).

CULTURE DIFFERENCE can cause problems with living with mixed nationalities ie. noisy eater, slurping food, talk loud, walk loud, spitting.


Know the culture when you are in each country is important.  For those who are from other parts of the world where you don’t do below.   If you want to blend well with British culture.  This what good manners British/European do.    I am aware that some countries manners are so different from British/European, some don’t have ie.  write a thank you letter, or go with an empty hand when you are invited to a meal/dinner.  In UK, we bring a gift to say thank you to the host for their hospitality.   Here are the samples:

Talk to us:

SAMPLE FEEDBACK FROM OUR GUESTS.  We are rated as Airbnb Super host.  We can send a contact e-mail for reference.  

“The whole experience it has been is an awesome host, always ready to help, and the local tips provided by her and Ian were right on the spot. The place was sparkly clean, and it was really easy to get to the city centre. The breakfast was delicious, and the hospitality was off the charts. Anytime I’ll go back to Edinburgh, I will be staying at Ru’s place……Thank you so much to make me feel at home in Edinburgh. I would definitely come back to visit you in the future. big hug for both of you.

April 2019   …”

“…Ru and Ian made me feel very welcome in their immaculate and well-located house. My room was very spacious and comfortable…”  Prof. Carrie from US.

“…Rujira is an extremely helpful and friendly host, who maintains fantastic communications and who really makes her guests feel secure, welcome, and well looked after! Thank you so much…”  Professor James – UK.

“…Rujira and Ian and very pleasant and interesting people, and fabulous guests. The house is superb – every detail is thought after. The neighbourhood is very nice. Highly recommended…” Dr. Alvaro – Uruguay.

“…My host Ru was amazing. She answered all of my emails promptly after I requested to stay at one of her properties. She picked me up from the airport took me to my host family which was nearby her place. The accommodations were exactly as depicted on the site. Ru, made me a cake to go with my tea. Of course, she offered me toast, coffee and the like. There are buses that run along the street of the accommodations straight into town and around the surrounding areas. I prefer to walk. Ru gave me a map and it was about a half hour walk into town, however, it may have taken me longer as I stopped to take pictures of the beautiful gardens along my walk and check out the shopping mall/plaza and shops on the way. I arranged to have a cooking class at Ru’s Thai Cookery (Cooking School) and that was amazing. We sat and spoke for hours after. Ru is a very busy woman but she is very accommodating as much as she can be and she really was. The people that I stayed with, Ian and Ann were very pleasant and welcoming. They were home when I dropped my bags in the morning when I arrived and then again in the evening when I came home after being out all day and briefly caught up on the day. I sat with them in the kitchen in the morning as they offered me cereal and toasts, jellies, coffee or tea and talked about the day, etc. It is nice being in such accommodations-meeting the locals, I feel more at home than staying at a huge hotel….It was awesome…”  Etty from US.

“…Ru and Ian are just fantastic. The house is really beautiful and my room is quite big and really clean (at least four stars hotel standard). The location is really convenient too, bus stop on sight and easily get to the city center. Ian is really really nice, he gave me a really great overview of the history of Edinburgh and pointed out many places to see, we had some nice talking during breakfast as well. Ru is so sweet and considering, moreover, really a good cook! Highly recommend this listing. Amazing value and experience!…”  Ryan PhD. a student from China.

“…What a wonderful experience staying with one of the Krua host families in Edinburgh. I stayed at Professor Roland and Janet’s house (house number 4). I was coming for a meeting at the Wellcome Trust Center, and the location was just excellent (10 min walk from the Uni). The house was amazing. Really beautiful. Janet was taking care of every single detail. Wonderful breakfast and dinner! And great Thai party at Ru’s place as well! I do thank Ru, Prof. Roland and Janet for being so warm and welcoming and for making me feel like home….” Dr. Anna from Spain.

“….I can’t imagine better place to start my journey in Edinburgh. Ru is amazing person – right from the start she picked me up from airport and served amazing dinner. The room is very clean and all around the house you can feel homely atmosphere. Ru cooking is amazing! I can’t remember when was the last time I have eaten such amazing Thailand food. I love to recommend this house to anyone who is visiting Edinburgh as a perfect place for stay…” Piotr – Software engineer from Poland.

“…Ru was amazing from the start picking me up from the airport and providing me professionally cooked Thai food for lunch. The room is very clean and very well decorated with a homely atmosphere. I would recommend all first time visitors to stay. Ru will take good care of you…” Dr. Nicolas from Singapore.

“…Ru and Ian are wonderful people. I felt at home from the very first day. When I first arrived I was helped with shopping and I was even given a great home cooked dinner. Ru literally has a degree in hospitality! She is delightful to talk to, and her house is beautiful and well kept, not to mention the great views it has! You are close to bus stations and a mall/super market. I would definitely recommend!..”  Aded – Princeton University. US.

“…Ru and Ian are wonderful hosts. They have a beautiful home, immaculately clean, and comfortable. Loved our chats at her kitchen counter. Ru can whip up a delicious 2 or 3 course meal in less than 15 minutes. Her skills in the kitchen are quite amazing….”  Sheila – Education  from Canada

“…Perfect. Beautiful comfy room in lovely, spotlessly clean and well located house. Rujira and Ian are wonderful hosts: friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable. And I was fortunate enough to be able to ask Rujira to cook her fantastic Thai dinners twice. Feel very lucky to have stayed there and would definitely stay again given the chance! Many thanks Rujira and Ian!…”   Dr. Melani NGO Director – Panama.

“..I had a wonderful stay with Ru and Ian. Both were marvellous hosts that made me feel very welcome in their home. This is much more than somewhere to merely sleep, they really do look after you. It’s impossible to enter the kitchen without Ru making sure you’ve had something to eat and drink! I’d recommend staying here in an instant and will definitely be putting friends in touch when they visit Edinburgh…”  Stacy – PhD. student from Wales

“…Rujira is a very friendly and helpful person. The house is as it was described on Airbnb. Rujira had the patience and friendliness to show me the neighborhood and teach me how Edinburgh works. Furthermore she advised me on many aspects of the city. A lovely city. I am more than happy with her and the house. I felt like I was at home. I recommend her houses to have a lovely stay at Edinburgh…”  Dr Nicolas – Argentina

Accommodation at Krua Thai Cookery School:   Pdf  can be sent to you for bigger photos.

Photos below are high-quality bed equivalent to good 3-star hotel:     Desk in all rooms.