“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. Equally as “The way to a woman’s heart is to her stomach”.  One of the most brilliant ideas for your party is to discover the secrets of traditional Thai cookery and learn about Thai eating culture at The Krua Thai Cookery School. Your fun-filled day will kick off with learning how to wrap won-ton correctly and as a group, learn to cook Thai food using recipes that are simple to follow for Thai cooking to impress your future spouse and friends.   Please read our Testimonials. 

We have clients for Hen/Stag party from all over the world those who want to pay extra for a WOW factor and want something totally different from box standard.  Our service set exclusively to each of our clients and is very flexible service.  We will do what you wish to run your event.   Just give us the precise budget, we will send a proposal to you to fit your budget.    Please advise: 

  • Your maximum budget per person
  • How many people
  • Duration – how many hours you wish to do
  • What dishes you wish to have
  • What do you wish to learn, give us a list of dishes
  • Time
  • Date

Note: Price excluded wine/alcohol

Our stags and hens have come from the UK and Europe.  We will do all the hard work and take the pressure away from you. 

Make yourself at home:

  • See how professional chefs operate. Impress your guests by learning to cook high quality Thai food and blending techniques.
  • Learn our trade secrets as we take you through each process step by step.
  • Recipes are guaranteed to be the same as our exclusive outside catering.
  • Guests will be shown how to cook Thai food using various herbs to achieve the intensive flavours found in Thailand.

About your day: Lessons last from 3 – 5 hours depending on your request.  Cookery demonstration with part hands-on.  Recipes are provided for you to take home and practice your new found skills. Great for corporate events by helping each other to cook, and excellent for lovers of fine food or professional chefs who wish to take their career to the next level. You will help each other to cook in groups varying in size from 2 to 14 persons.


Yes, indeed we can do.   We are very flexible.  We can do anything and will set up the even to fit your maximum budget.   Guests can eat as much as they want unlike restaurants with small portion or just enough to eat.  I can assure you everyone will love our superior food/quality using fresh intensive ingredients for your long-term health.   Please provide your plan and how would you like for food, facilities for cooking.  I will work out to suit your needs.   I will be able to work out the cost.
Please find an enclosed sample of our work and list of dishes you wish to do/have on the day.    From our side.   Before we can finalise our work plan/menu/ cost for your event.   We have questions as follows:
1.   How many total people in the party
2.   What dishes/type of menu you wish to have.
3.   How many dishes you wish to have.
4.  Do you wish to cook or just want us to provide a meal ready to serve you when we arrive at your party.
5.  How many meals we have to provide.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner,  is chef will be staying overnight there or cook only 1 meal?   We will need at least 2 chefs for outside catering or overnight as cleaning.  If we have to stay overnight and work until what time.
6.  Do you wish to learn how to cook and make a meal together?   I can do this as 1-3  dishes, the rest I can cook ready for you.
7.  What is your maximum budget.   If we know, we can suggest better.
8.  In the past:  Clients order the food as outside catering plus cookery demonstration with 1-3 dishes hands on. Then we make extra more dishes add up in your lunch and we have the food ready for your dinner.    This will be depending on your final budget.
9.  How many guests who have special diets, food allergies, like and dislike.  This will allow us to finalise the menu.
10. This type of job we will need at least 1  cleaner as cooking/running like this.   Cleaning is paramount: kitchen, dishes, glasses, pots/pans/floor/burners/cooker to turn the kitchen to its original.   1 chef won’t cover everything and it will be too much work with endless hours for 1 person.
11.  The final cost related to the food you choose.

“Wow, what a unique experience.  I loved every minute of it…. the different spices we used to make the Pad Thai, some of which I had not even heard of before (i.e. tamarind and mooli) gave a fantastic flavour and true depth to the dish not experienced in Thai restaurants.  Ru has worked with Albert Roux – that’s how good she is !”
Thanks for an amazing afternoon,

Price:  Our price range from £69- £180/pp or to suit your budget we will find the best option for you.  All customized events.

Payment: By bank transfer or cheque or Paypal.  Please contact the School before booking.