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How to make delicious traditional Thai food just like Thailand

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Date/Time :  Available 2 sessions per year only at date/time to suit all member.

Special offer:           £150/pp  .   1 day from 12 noon. – 3 pm.  – 3 dishes, 3  hours effective and productive session.

Type of course:  Masterclass group lessons – 3 dishes set menu only.  

Amazing Bangkok street food by executive Thai chef Rujira Herd (Ru). Healthy eating day.  You can eat superior Thai food and you can buy all Thai ingredients in Edinburgh or other parts of UK. Ru will reveal her best-kept trade secrets through a 100% hands-on lesson, creating three delicious traditional dishes. Something different to celebrate the Fringe. Exclusive to the Edinburgh Fringe. The school is 2.7 miles from city. Twenty minutes by bus (numbers 7,37,47,67), straight to the door. Please advice about special diets at least three days in advance. Lunch included.   Jasmine tea available all day,   Please bring your own wine as the School does not have alcohol license.    Note: This course is different from our standard course, you will cook for 1 person/yourself.

About the course:


  • Good value for money as it is an investment for life.
  • Hands-on training.
  • Learn how to cook superior quality, delicious Thai food professionally.
  • Excellent for those who have a hectic live-style. 
  • Excellent for those who wish hassle free when entertaining.
  • Learn how to cook from what is available in the general supermarket.
  • Understand the essential ingredients used in a Thai kitchen.
  • Learn how to improve the taste using ingredients you have in the kitchen. 
  • Learn what main Thai ingredients you should store in the cupboard.
  • Learn the process of cooking Thai food successfully. 


Please note: Please advise special diets.  Soft drinks available.  Please feel free to discuss if you have specific budgets or want to organise your own group.  We will find the best option for you.


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