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How to make delicious curries or stir-fries –

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This course has been specially developed for those who love eating really nice food but don’t want to spend ages cooking it:   You will learn how to cook fast and delicious Thai food.  One dish can take as little as 5 minutes to 15 minutes.  At Krua Thai,  we have many exciting ingredients for you to discover not just salt and pepper.  Learn to cook high quality Thai dishes and blending techniques to create high quality delicious Thai food not just rely on a take-away.  We will take you through each process step by step and show you how to cook Thai food using various herbs to achieve the intense flavour that Thais expect in high quality cooking.

About the course:


  • Good value for money as it is an investment for life.
  • Hands-on training from your own chosen menu.
  • Learn how to cook fast, delicious Thai food.
  • Excellent for those who have a hectic live-style. 
  • Each dish takes approximately 5-15 minutes to cook.
  • Learn how to cook from what is available in the general supermarket.
  • Understand the essential ingredients used in a Thai kitchen.
  • Learn how to improve the taste using ingredients you have in the kitchen. 
  • Learn what main Thai ingredients you should store in the cupboard.
  • Learn how to make delicious curries from ready-made curry paste. 
  • Learn how to make delicious stir-fries in 1 minute.
  • Learn the process of cooking Thai food successfully. 


Please note: Times to suit clients and are approximate only.  Soft drinks available.

Price:  £150 – £395/pp/lesson or to suit your budget. Please feel free to discuss and we will find the best option for you.


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