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For those who love to eat really nice food and want to know how to cook properly.   Discover the secrets of traditional Thai cookery.  Learn to cook high quality Thai dishes together with their blending techniques from a professional Thai chef. The recipes are guaranteed to be the same as we use in the school’s exclusive outside catering.  Please provide your approx. budget, we will find the best option for you.  

Our clients such as bankers, lawyers, professionals, executives attend from all over the UK and  Europe.

About the course: Our professional cookery demonstration is part hands-on training, including lunch and open to both professionals and non-professionals. Recipes are provided for you to take home and practice your new found skills. Great for pre-Christmas gatherings and excellent for lovers of fine food and professional chefs who are looking to add new dishes to their repertoire or wish to take their career to the next level.

We can do to suit  your maximum budget.   Our service is very flexible unlike other cookery schools.  We offer free tailor-made /customised courses to suit your needs and your budget.   All our classes here is a private tuition, no mix group like other schools either to ensure the most effective and productive learning.   The big group course takes longer time as some quick, some slow, tutor has to keep an eye all students not just one or two persons.  .
What you will learn:   I  can assure you will learn a lot here,  especially cookery techniques, blending techniques at professional level.  An experience  for better quality beyond average restaurants/takeaway.  You will make your own curry paste, while 99% restaurants/takeaway use ready made from supermarket shelves.  You will see the difference in flavour/aroma between real and ready made..
Payment terms:   A non-refundable deposit £100.- Payment by bank transfer, an invoice will be sent to you, a receipt  will follow after the payment.   Then full payment will be made 1 month in advance prior to the lesson.
The recipes/list of menus:  Krua Thai is a professional chef training for Traditional Thai cuisine center and we have chefs from around the world.  We have the largest professional recipes more than 100 dishes for you to choose from.   We offer here are the recipes for Krua Thai outside catering/chef-hire service for our top-flight clients.  We have developed several times and that the best result we finalise before pass on to our students, not just from internet/cookery books.  We will pass on these recipes to you to take home  to enjoy cooking confidently for you, family and show off your friends.   Please advise what you would like to learn from our list or you have in mind and let me know your maximum budget.
How many dishes I can learn:  Because of private tuition.  We organise everything for your hassle free.  You will come to learn the most essential skills, not your existing skills, ie, cleaning, washing vegetables. You can learn as many as dishes you wish.  It will take slighter longer hours ie.. 1 dish for private tuition can takes approx. 1.30 hours, learning, cooking, chopping, but if 3 dishes will take approx. 4.5-5 hours depending on the dishes you cook as some dishes takes shorter time.
Booking:  Booking will made in advance at date and time to suit both parties.   Free postpone any dates at least 10 days in advance, as we have to order ingredients and staff rota, any cancellation less than 10 days will be charge at £100.- to cover our staff on the day as we have to pay as part of our contract agreement.
The price:  Although the cost of  import ingredients has gone up by 25-30%, but Krua Thai  will keep the same fee to ensure and encourage our clients to enjoys cooking.  Since you are far away from us.  I would recommend to do more dishes as it will be very useful for you.  You can cook more at home.  The more dishes you choose it will be cheaper..
Course for 2 persons join together:  We have special offer as follows: 

Our special offer:   Approx. time

Pad Thai theme                          £165/pp- 2.5 hours session

Pad Thai theme                          £255/ for 2 persons – 2.5 hours session

Curry and rice theme                £335/for 2 persons – 3 hours session   

Bangkok Street food theme:     £299/ for2 persons: 3 hours sessions:  Delicious Won ton with minced pork, crispy garlic soya sauce,  Steamed salmon with herbs, Deep fried chicken thigh with lemon grass, turmeric.  (Sample enclosed).

Tailor-made 1:                            £375/ for 2 persons – any 2 dishes 3.5 hours with lunch.

Tailor-made 2:                            £425/ for2 persons -any 3 dishes 3.5-4 hrs. – with lunch and take food home.

Tailor-made 3:                            £485/ for2 persons – any 4 dishes -4.-5 hrs. – with lunch and take the rest home.

Tailor-made 4:                            £545.-/for 2 persons – any 5 dishes – 5-6 hours with lunch and take the rest home. 

 Note:  Special offer:  2 persons cooking will help each other to cook 1 set of banquet to enjoy having a meal together either at the School’s dinning room and take the rest home.  Suitable to those who are couple/family.  This course is not suitable for  those who wish to split into 2 sets.   Below is our standard fee offer for each person.

Special course 1 A                       £299/pp for any 2 dishes from the list – 3.5 hours (£255/pp for 2 persons or more)

Special course 1 B                       £375/pp for any 3 dishes – 4 hours session. (£275/pp for 2 persons or more)

Special course 1 C                       £455/pp for any 4 dishes

Special course 1 D                      £495/pp for any 5 dishes – 6 hrs. 

Payment terms:  The choice is yours either pay in full to save time of making a transfer or pay deposit.   Our terms originally fully payment will be made the same time as booking date as this way we know you are coming and we can organise staff rota well ahead. .  Now we offer  new option for those who wish to pay deposit.  A non-refundable deposit £100.- Payment by bank transfer, an invoice will be sent to you, receipt will follow after the payment.   Then full payment will be made 1 month in advance prior to the lesson.   Second invoice will follow.
Krua Thai standards for high quality ingredients:  We use much more herbs to endure real Thai food like Thailand, not little like what you see in restaurants,  organic chicken, Sirloin beef, pork loin etc…  More info. is on our standard handout.
I am very confident to say that Krua Thai food is definitely much higher quality than the average what you have experienced in general Thai restaurants, take away where profit compromised with their rates and rent where Krua Thai fully own the property, so we put the budget concentrate in the food.   We want  our clients to enjoy Krua Thai food just as very good restaurants in Thailand, quantity, quality for absolute for long term health.  We cater to all special diets even medical conditions, food allergies.  We make our curry paste while, new oil for each client,  99% restaurants, many caterers use readymade curry paste, cheap ingredients from supermarkets’ shelves, frozen/cheap chicken/meat.
Accommodation:  The Travelodge hotel at Cameron Toll, only under 15 mins. walk to the School with parking if you have a car, please bring the car with you as you will take a box of food home.   The School has parking at the drive-in.
I hope this information helps, please feel free to discuss.  I am more than happy to talk through and explain more detail.
  • This course is a cookery demonstration with hands-on training. 
  • Hands-on, however ensures that you both will help each other to cook 1 set of meal.
  • At the end you will be able to cook like a true professional.
  • Thai cookery and blending techniques.
  • Protective clothing and PPE during COVID-19 will be provided.
  • Jasmine tea will be provided throughout the session.

Note: Time to suit clients and is approximate only. Soft drinks available

Price: To suit clients budget.   Please contact the School and we will find the best option for you.