Date/Time:  By appointment to suit you.  Private group organised by clients.

For those who like to eat very nice Thai food and like to cook well.  Come and have an amazing day with us.  Learn to cook high quality Thai dishes together with blending techniques from a professional Thai chef. We will reveal our trade secrets to you and will take you through each process step by step.  Recipes are guaranteed to be the same as we use for the school’s exclusive outside catering. Students will be shown how to cook Thai food using various herbs to achieve the intensive flavour that Thais expect in high quality cooking but that is difficult to find outside their country.

Our clients such as bankers, lawyers, professionals, executives come from various part of UK and  Europe.

About the course: Cookery demonstration with part hands-on training, including lunch.  Recipes are provided for you to take home and practice your new found skills. Great for pre-Christmas gatherings and excellent for lovers of fine food.


The course will cover essentials as follows:
1. Introduction to traditional Thai cookery and the ingredients.
2. Accompanying sauces: You will learn how to make tamarind, fruity sauce and chilli fish sauce.
3. Cooking techniques suitable for either 1 portion or multiple portions.
4. The typical ingredients of Thai curry paste and the different ingredients in each curry.
5. Making homemade curry paste using Thai herbs – a natural medicine for long term health.
6. Advice on recipes that are suitable for deep freezing or for serving immediately.
7. Tips on food preparation to ensure pre-prepared dishes are ready to serve quickly.
8. Tuition and instruction on which ingredients are most suitable for commercial use.
9. Techniques to ensure pre-cooked dishes maintain the same taste as freshly cooked dishes.
10. The essentials of making stock in Thai cuisine.
11. Cutting style and techniques used for professional cooking.
12. Blending techniques for Thai cuisine.
13. Cookery processes in Thai cuisine.


Have a brilliant time!

Please note: Times to suit clients and  are approximate only. Soft drinks available

Price: From £69 – £295/pp for group of 4 persons or to suit your budget.  Let us know your budget we will find the best option for you.

Payment:  By bank transfer or paypal or cheque.  Please contact the school before you book.