Special Offers


Our group special offer includes more than 20 choices to choose from to ensure you have a great and productive day.  Please contact the School for more information as offers vary from week to week.  You will cook and have a meal together at the school, or as a takeaway as 1 banquet. Portions are not sufficient to separate for individual students.

Our courses are very flexible,  we can set up to fit your needs and budget.  Please feel free to advice what maximum budget you wish to spend we will find the best course for you.  Should you wish to order, please provide:

  • Name of recipient.
  • The budget you wish to spend and we will set up the course for you.
  • Name of the occasion as this will allow us to prepare the voucher (individually handmade) for recipients to feel special.
  • We can also set up the course to suit you, free of charge.
  • No price on the vouchers.
  • Payment via bank transfer or cheque or cash.

How to order vouchers: Vouchers will be sent free by 1st class post. Please provide 1. Name of recipient, 2. price, 3. Number/name, of course, 4. name of occasion, 5. address to be sent to.

Sample of our special offer below:   Note:  Special offer:  2 persons will help each other to cook 1 set of a banquet, take all food to share,   Not separate food into 2 sets.  

Note: 2.5 hours duration for teaching is highly efficient/productive/sufficient for 2  dishes.  We offer full use of tuition, no time wasted during our teaching.   We don’t take a break for tea or coffee because drinks is available throughout the lesson.

    1. £90/pp:  Cookery workshop hands-on with lunch from 1 pm.- 3.30 pm.    Please book via e-mail:  contact@kruathai.co.uk
    1. £250/2 persons: 2.5 hours for Pad Thai theme.  
    1. £135/pp: Group lesson minimum class 3 person max 6 persons/class: Organised by clients only.   Help each other to cook the most popular ‘Pad Thai theme’ 2.5 hours and have lunch at the school.  No food to take home as it is not a private lesson.
    1.  £160/pp: Private tuition Pad Thai theme.  You will make professional Pad Thai and take home tasting 3-4 people with family/friends.      Take the Pad Thai home to share with family/friends.
    1. £235.-/pp Mee-gate theme:  Northern Thai noodles with minced pork, coconut, soya bean paste served with sliced shallot, coriander,  Chinese chives, beansprouts, fresh chilli.   This dish no other restaurants sell as very rare people can make it perfect taste.   You will take all the dishes home to cover 5-6 people.  You will learn how to make crispy garlic, form noodles after boiled.  Excellent for entertaining everyone will love it.  Well worth doing it.  You will enjoy eating every day for a starter or main course.
    1. £295/pp:  for curry theme: 3 hours you can choose any  1 dish ie. 1  curry and this will cover 4 people with noodles form the same as above.  All useful courses with highly professional recipes.    This course you can swap to 3 hours fruit carving and food presentation.
    1. £299/pp: approx. 2.5 hours: Crispy Won ton with sweet and spicy homemade tamarind sauce dip and Famous Pad Thai.   Professional recipes.   Take all dishes home.    Clients will taste 1 set at the school and take 1 set home(full clear plastic containers). Next person pay £130/pp – Each person will bring 1 set of food home.
  1. £265/2 persons:  2.5 hours.  2 persons helping each other to cook 1 set of banquet(No separate set for each).  Menu:  Crispy won ton with minced pork, Stir-fried chicken with chilli and mushrooms.Banana in coconut milk, aromatic Thai vanilla and roasted sesame seeds.
  2. Special offer for cookery and fruit carving week:    1 day lesson:  All private tuition to suit you to ensure highly effective and productive result.
    1.  Pad Thai and introductory fruit carving to decorate – 5 essential designs = £250.-  approx. 4 hours session
    2. Any 2 dishes and fruit carving are same as above: 365/pp  Approx. 5 hours.
    3. Any 3 dishes and fruit carving are same as above: £395/pp  Approx. 5-5.5 hours.  depending on your speed.

    4. Any 3 dishes and fruit carving same as above plus watermelon flowers: £495/pp approx. 6 -7 hrs.

……………………..A lot more  please contact full list from the School by e-mail:  contact@kruathai.co.uk

Price: To suit your budget.  Our special price from £100 – £700/lesson/session/pp.  Please send us e-mail with your contact number, we will find the best solution for you.

Payment: By bank transfer or Paypal or cheque.







Venue: 376 at Krua Thai Cookery School: 19 Liberton Brae.  Date: 2-26 AUGUST 2019 .  BUS 7.37.47.  We are main road at the bus stop. 

PRICE £75/PP -1,3 – LEARN 3 -course meal.  DIFFERENT MENU EACH DAY.   For those who have a special diet must have good communication inform the school in advance.  If not we regret to cater in the last minute.  

Tickets: click  Box Office  Edinburgh International Fringe.

Please contact the School for more special offers each month Tel: 0131 664 3036