Special Offers




Our aim:  To provide the best quality Thai food and excellent for your long term health at the best value. 

Enjoy delicious Thai cuisine at your own home or chef’s table at the School while eating, you can watch the chef cooking exclusive to you.  Please book in advance.  

Krua Thai tasting menu has plenty delicious choices to choose from to ensure you have a great meal and great quality.  Please contact the School for more information as offers vary from week to week.  

Quality: Krua Thai culture only provides high quality fresh and intensive ingredients like Thailand.   Fresh high quality chicken choice of organic and corn fed chicken, sirloin steak is used for stir-fry or curry, fresh Spanish garlic to ensure the best results.


Sample menu  available each week:   400 g. for  2 persons as starters:

PRICE:  weight : 200/ 300 g/ 400 g.        @ 10/ £12 / £17.-

PAYMENT:  By paypal or bank transfer only.

How to order:  Booking in advance, pick up at time to suit.  


  1. Chicken/beef/king prawns satay 10 sticks  approx. 200 g.
  2. Crispy or cooked/ soup won ton     10/15/30 pcs.  
  3. Pad Thai –  300/400g.
  4. Chicken /Beef /King prawns satay           200 g.                                               
  5. Red curry – chicken or beef   
  6. Green curry – chicken or beef
  7. Masaman   – Chicken or beef
  8. Stir-fried chicken/pork/prawns with chilli and spring onion.
  9. Hot and sour salad, chicken/beef/pork
  10. Hot and sour soup king prawns /chicken 5 prawns/8 prawns/12 king prawns
  11. Stir-fried white or yellow noodles/Ho fun with vegetables, chilli, spring onion.
  12. Fried rice with egg.
  13. Boiled rice:  £3/£4  450/650 ml box.

Pick up time by appointment to suit both parties,  we can set up to fit your needs and budget if you wish something different.  Please feel free to advise what maximum budget you wish to spend we will find the best menu for you.  Should you wish to order, please provide:

  • Name of recipient.
  • If out of our price range : The budget you wish to spend and we will set up the menu for you.
  • Which occasion as this will allow us to design the best menu for you.
  • We can set up the meal to suit you, free of charge.
  • We can do as vouchers, but no price on the vouchers.
  • Payment via bank transfer or cheque or cash.

How to order vouchers: Vouchers will be sent free by 1st class post. Please provide 1. Name of recipient, 2. price, 3. Number/name, of Menu, 4. name of occasion, 5. address to be sent to.

Sample of our special offer below:   Note:  Special offer:  2 persons will help each other to cook 1 set of a banquet, take all food to share,   Not separate food into 2 sets. 


2. THE EDINBURGH FRINGE from 7-31 August 2020.  Krua Thai

As seen on the Evening News, Scotsman, the Metro

Price:  £69,£85,£89,£99  Exclusively to the Edinburgh Fringe only.

Special masterclass available as follows: 

  1. Amazing Bangkok Thai Street Food £89/pp
  2. Amazing Red curry with noodles theme £89/pp
  3. Amazing Green curry with noodles theme £95/pp
  4. Amazing Masaman curry and Ajaad theme £95/pp
  5. Amazing vegan and vegetarian theme £99/pp
  6. Amazing Panang and sweet sticky rice theme. £95
  7. Amazing Hot and sour soup king prawns and chilli in oil £69/pp

Venue: 376 at Krua Thai Cookery School: 19 Liberton Brae.  Date: 2-26 AUGUST 2019 .  BUS 7.37.47.  We are main road at the bus stop. 

PRICE £75/PP -1,3 – LEARN 3 -course meal.  DIFFERENT MENU EACH DAY.   For those who have a special diet must have good communication inform the school in advance.  If not we regret to cater in the last minute.  

Tickets: click  Box Office  Edinburgh International Fringe.

Please contact the School for more special offers each month Tel: 0131 664 3036