Krua Thai Cookery School
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a warm welcome and a safe environment

a safe and beautiful location in the heart of Edinburgh, available for short or long stays

We are a top-rated Airbnb® Superhost and have had guests from all across the world and from a variety of cultures and lifestyles staying with us and sharing in the hospitality that we offer from our centrally-located Edinburgh home.

Edinburgh is one of the highest cost-of-living cities in Europe so it’s not easy to find a nice place to stay at an affordable price but you need not look not further than Krua Thai Cookery School. Our home is ideally located on the south side of the city with plenty of transport links whether you want to travel by car, bus, bike or simply walk.

It is Krua Thai policy to ensure both our guests and their family feel safe while living with us in Edinburgh and to know who you will be staying with. Krua Thai will take care of all of your worries to ensure a worry and stress-free time for all guests.

We are an Airbnb Superhost
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what past guests are saying


Ru was amazing from the start picking me up from the airport and providing me professionally cooked Thai food for lunch. The room is very clean and very well decorated with a homely atmosphere. I would recommend all first time visitors to stay. Ru will take good care of you!

Dr. Nicolas, Singapore

Ru and Ian are wonderful people. I felt at home from the very first day. When I first arrived I was helped with shopping and I was even given a great home-cooked dinner. Ru literally has a degree in hospitality! She is delightful to talk to, and her house is beautiful and well kept, not to mention the great views it has! You are close to bus stations and a mall/supermarket. I would definitely recommend!

Aded, Princeton University USA

Rujira is an extremely helpful and friendly host, who maintains fantastic communications and who really makes her guests feel secure, welcome, and well looked after! Thank you so much.

Professor James – UK
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Accommodation Gallery

View these images of our accommodation to learn more about what we can offer you. All our guests are treated with traditional Thai warmth and welcome and if you choose to stay with us it will be no different!

If you would like any more information or would like to see more images or read more reviews from past guests then please contact us and we will be happy to give you everything that you need.

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We are an Airbnb Superhost
Click here to read our reviews

Your questions answered

Find out more about our accommodation and learn about the  facilities, our house rules, our location and much more.

* If you have a question which isn’t answered here then please contact us and we will be happy to speak to you!

To ensure no misunderstanding we offer a set of house rules for any guest to abide by, thus ensuring that any stay is as pleasant as possible for everyone. Should you wish to stay with us we would ask for your co-operation in following these rules at all times. 

  1. The kitchen is for eating not studying or working.  If you need to work or study then please make use of the desk provided for you in the room.  
  2. Please take off your shoes at the front door. This is for reasons of hygiene leaves at the front door at all times for hygiene reasons.  We reserve the right to terminate the contract if you breach our terms.
  3. Please be quiet at all times, especially early in the morning and late at night. Close doors gently and walk up and down stairs silently (walk with your front part of your feet, not your heel!). Avoid loud music and talking loudly on your phone, especially after 10pm.
  4. Only you, as the registered guest, may make use of the house. No additional guests are allowed in the house unless by prior agreement in order to ensure the host’s privacy and avoid too much demand for the bathroom and kitchen.
  5. For the parents of students staying with us please ensure that our guest is familiar with British culture and etiquette and that house rules are followed at all times.  We welcome a family visit but please ensure that this is arranged by prior appointment – don’t just turn up as it may not be a suitable time.
  6. No smoking, alcohol or drugs in the house. Any guest under the influence of drink or drugs will not be allowed entry to the house.
  7. No drinking or coffee/tea maker/other food gadgets in the bedroom to avoid the possibility of spillage – you may be liable for the cost of any cleaning required.
  8. Curfew for food ordering (takeaways) is 10pm each night for security reasons and to avoid the bell ringing disturbing others.
  9. All damage must be paid for (breakages, cost of repair or cleaning etc.)
  10. Please be considerate in your use of energy, for example turn lights off when leaving a room. Failure to do so, the host reserves the right to charge at the end of your check-out at £5/night. Our central heating should be sufficient enough our central heating is on from 7.30 am – 11 pm.
  11. Please ensure the bathroom is tidy at all times – spend a few minutes before you leave to ensure you are leaving it as you would expect it to be found. Please return any toiletries in your room, don’t leave them lying around in the bathroom and hang your towels over the radiator in your bedroom to keep dry and ready for the next morning.  Shut the toilet lid after use.
  12. Do not use the shower/bath after 10.30pm to show consideration for others.
  13. Curfew is 2 am unless we have agreed to be flexible by prior arrangement. Our houses are not suitable for those guests who regularly party late at night. For young students, you are here to study and your parents expect you to concentrate on your studies.
  14. When using the kitchen, ensure you clean up after yourself and no later than 11pm. Please do not leave dirty dishes in the sink for someone else to deal with! Always use a placemat at all times to avoid scratch/damage on the worktop/surface.   The kitchen is free to cook at any time provided you clean the burners if no one use,  mostly from 6.30 pm.   You can cook and keep in the fridge and heat up when required.   The sink must be clean after use at all times.  Or ask the host, you can cook before or after them. 
  15. Appearance standard:  The School reserves the right to control our public image and that to match with our regular professional conservative guests, therefore  ‘No facial jewellery, no nose jewellery,  visible tattoo’, no drink and drunk in our place.
  16. Termination:  The School reserves the right to terminate your contract if we faced any difficulties with your situation/behaviour/breached our house rules.   No deposit will be refunded.
  17. It is your responsibility as our guest to properly insure your belongings. As your host, we will do everything that we can to provide you with a clean, safe and friendly environment but we cannot be held responsible for damage to your property.

We offer top quality, comfortable and excellent value residential accommodation in Edinburgh for solo travellers who are looking for a quiet, safe place like home.  

The School policy offers you the best accommodation high-quality home and interior, an affluent location, close to travel links and the places you work/study and a family who are kind, clean, open-minded, considerate, generous, educated, professional, well-mannered and empathetic.

In your room: 
Pots, pan, bedsheets and duvet are all included.  We provide you quality beds in all rooms, a new set for each guest, a quality bed, bed protector, duvet/pillow protector and towels to ensure high standard throughout your stay.

Clothes washing: 
We allow for one free load of washing a week though please note you must provide your own washing powder.  We also have a room for you to dry your clothes.

You get full use of our shared kitchen though please note that others may be using it at certain times you should always check when it will be available. Please always use a chopping board when you want to cut anything to protect the worktop from damage.  Any damage by you will be liable to pay in full for carelessness and no consideration to look after the property. 

You will have access to our shared bathroom and would simply ask that you are considerate of others who will also be using it, ensuring that it is cleaned after use and that you check and wipe any wet floor before you leave. Please always remember to close the toilet lid after use and to remember to return any of your belongings to your room after use, rather than leaving them in the bathroom.

Do not let the shower run when not in use as it creates too much steam and causes dampness.  We monitor the cleanliness, if the toilet is dirty, we have a brush for you to clean.   Don’t let others clean your mess.  

Since the bathroom is shared we’d ask that you be flexible as to when you are using it and for how long and try to avoid busy times wherever possible.

We offer short or long-term bed-sit options  (for those who are not from the west, bed-sit means a bedroom with desk and chair, shared a super clean bathroom and kitchen). Living room for the host to keep their privacy. However, you are welcome to come for a chat on occasion.  

  • Reservation deposit: £200 payment in advance by bank transfer/paypal/via airbnb.   when you make a reservation.  This is a non-refundable, called a booking deposit.  Pay when you are absolutely sure you will take the room.
  • You must confirm that you have budget to pay monthly and will pay to according to our terms.  For those who don’t pay in full.   Your payment  each month/2 months will be 7 days before your check-in date.

MONTHLY:  From £960-£1200/pp/month short term £1,350 or £338/week for 1 month. Depending on seasons, room.

Full monthly payment will be paid no exempt even if you are on holiday. Payment must be made in full for under 6 months or can be organised every 2 months payment excluded security deposit. Our price for rent is per person.  Edinburgh is not cheap to stay and council tax is high.   We paid  £3,500 per year.   excluded electricity, gas, waste, plastic for recycle, rubbish, sewage, water, wi-fi, insurance to provide quick service over £700/year for our guests, plus maintenance cost each year.    Low rent in Edinburgh you may get a shock when you see in real.

Long term stay from 7 months.  Full payment will be made 7 days in advance prior to your check-in date –  no discount will be made if you decide to have a holiday in between or leave sooner.  Please ensure your date is absolutely correct to your plan.  If you leave sooner, we don’t get a new guest in time. 

PAYMENT: PAY KRUA THAI COOKERY SCHOOL: For long term, If you agreed to pay monthly, your monthly payment must reach the school at least 7 days prior to your check-in date: £20 per day will be charged for any delay.  Full payment will be made monthly even less days you check-in, rent monthly, or weekly  agreement if less than 1 month a £285/week, after long stay, extra night £39/pp/night will be made in advance via bank transfer at the time of booking to guarantee your place.  

SECURITY DEPOSIT: 1-month deposit, but any damage you will pay full costs(als save your bank charges/transfer). Please note that you cannot use your security deposit to pay your final month’s rent.





No – you will have your own bedroom and won’t be sharing with anyone. We can accommodate 1 or 2 people.

Please note: If the School is fully booked, we will provide another place outside the School to ensure you have good standard accommodation to stay.


A copy of your passport (you can send via email).
Check-out time: Take all your belongs and clear space. We don’t have storage to keep your belongs.

Most of our guests are visiting professors, researchers, PhD.  Doctors, post-doc, exchange/internship, students, or other professionals from around the world.   This type of mature guests love our place and are perfect guests.  Therefore, we expect, especially young students to have the same quality:  respect to the house rules, take care of our property, and think of others.

Krua Thai is located on the South side of Edinburgh on a main road with a bus stop right in front of the house. We are near Edinburgh University’s Kings Buildings.

Edinburgh has excellent transport links with frequent buses to locations all across the city, even at nighttime. It takes only 15 -20 minutes by bus to reach the city centre.

Or full address should you wish to check it on Google Maps or similar is 19 Liberton Brae, Edinburgh, EH16 6AQ.


Rujira Herd is the Krua Thai Cookery School’s founder and course leader. She will take care of you so that you don’t feel alone while in Edinburgh. Ru will give you all the information and take you to see your place/study to see a better picture rather than just a map.

No, you should provide your own food, however we will provide a space in the fridge for you.

  1. Breakfast/meal:  You provide your own breakfast/meal.  You will have your own cupboard, fridge, shared kitchen cook at the time to suit all, but not at the same time.   If you want to cook at a specific time, you can tell everyone that you need this time so that will not be a traffic jam in the kitchen.   Please work in your room, not the kitchen to keep others to have privacy/space.  You have a desk in your room.

No, sorry strictly no guest(s) to stay or entertain  to invade the host privacy.   If you fail to comply with our house rules.  You will be charged £50/pp/night.

Cultural differences can cause problems when living with mixed nationalities (ie. noisy eater, slurping food, talk loud, walk loud, spitting) so it is important to know a little about British/European culture before you get here.

If you want to blend well with British culture then the most important thing to be aware of is good manners –  I am aware that in some countries acceptable manners are different from British/European ones, such as writing a thank you letter, or bringing a gift when you are invited to a meal/dinner.  In the UK, we bring a gift to say thank you to the host for their hospitality – for example a bottle of wine. 

Learn more at

Yes, we are happy to help by prior arrangement.

Taxis in the UK are very safe day and night though it is cheaper to take the bus into the city. For travel to/from the airport we recommend AirLink 100 to the city or if you are coming to/from Waverley Station you can get on the no. 7 or 37 bus.

A taxi from the city centre to Liberton Brae (where we are) should cost around £13 or so – please check with the driver to make sure they drop you on the correct side of the road!

We can organise to pick you up by prior arrangement depending on your arrival/departure time at the cost £30 per trip which is cheaper than a taxi (approx. £33-£35/trip). 

FLIGHT ADVICE:: If possible. Choose departure flight between 1 – 3 pm. Arrival around 9 pm. then take the taxi straight to the School. Please avoid to leave morning as 7-9 am is a traffic jam from home it’s a rush hour/ traffic jam.

Nationals from the following countries are required to register with the police after they collect their BRP in the UK and also update their details as required:

Afghanistan, Algeria, Argentina, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Belarus, Bolivia, Brazil, China, Colombia, Cuba, Egypt, Georgia, Hong Kong, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Libya, Moldova, Morocco, North Korea, Oman, Palestine, Peru, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Yemen, Stateless or travelling on a non-national document (i.e. Travel Document).

Learn more on the Edinburgh University site at

You can contact us via our website,  by emailing or by calling us on 0131 664 3036,

Edinburgh fringe Festival

Find us at venue 376

Following up on the amazing success of previous years, we are pleased to announce that we are once again back at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, during which we offer a range of classes, demonstrations and more!

To purchase tickets or to view what’s on offer please visit our page on the Edinburgh Fringe website.