Professional Courses


Professional Thai cookery courses are for those who are looking for the best results beyond the general standard you have experienced to date.  This offer is a unique private training and coaching course.  You will not see any other restaurants in the world that presents food as we do, even 5 star hotels in Thailand.  You will be exclusively coached by Rujira Herd, our course leader, who has vast experience from standard commercial to world class events.  Our clients/students are  normally development chefs, development/brand managers, food technologists, private chefs, butlers, house managers, chefs from private yachts and  executive/sous chefs from chain hotels, restaurant or bar.  We can cater to all their precise needs.  We have extensive experience in many areas of the industry and can provide you with expertise and skills that you will rarely find in books or college courses.

Course content:

  • Advise students on correct ingredients used by profession Thai chefs including insight into Thai restaurant kitchens.
  • Cooking techniques suitable for either 1 portion or multiple portions.
  • 5 – 7 dish options prepared and cooked and chosen by the student. 
  • Over 100 professional recipes for you to choose from. We have more than any other cookery schools.
  • Advice on recipes suitable for deep freezing or for serving immediately.
  • Tips on food preparation to ensure pre-prepared dishes are ready to serve quickly.
  • Tuition and instruction on which ingredients are best for commercial use.
  • Techniques for ensuring pre-cooked dishes maintain the same taste as freshly cooked dishes.
  • Food photo shoot as a record for your portfolio.
  • Certificate of achievement will be awarded for professional training. 

We offer specific training and our aim is to maximise your benefits and suit your needs.  It is not the same as going to school or college.  We are not just teaching you, we are coaching you with the most effective techniques to achieve the best possible results in the shortest possible time.  The Krua Thai Cookery School does not sell ingredients but does provide a service to impart the secrets of traditional Thai cookery techniques and serious recipes to professional caterers.  Our recipes are guaranteed to be the same as we use for our exclusive outside catering.  We are very confident that after attending a customised Krua Thai Cookery School training course you will notice a high degree of satisfaction among your customers.  For overseas clients who don’t know us, why not make an appointment to have a chat to find out more about us, especially if you are looking for specific training or are interested in our food implementation or food consultancy services.

Both cookery and fruit carving are a one-off training course.  You can enroll as often as you wish.  Existing skills will not be duplicated during the training.  We are very confident our courses will prove to be an excellent long-term investment.  Please contact the school for more information.  We are more than happy just to talk and help.

Our professional students: 60% of our students are of a high calibre, for the most part, private chefs from super yachts, executive chefs from chain hotels such as Hilton International Group, Holiday Inn, development chefs from food manufacturers, food technologists, house managers, butlers and sous chefs from various organisations such as   airlines, yachts, and up-market bars and restaurants.

Price:  Price from £295- £795/pp/training per day.  We also work within your budget.   Please feel free to discuss as there are many choices both standard and mixed courses.

“It’s our job to make you  achieve success”

Sample of feedback . There is more to read on our Testimonials page (click)

“….Thank you for your time and expertise in Thai cuisine. I learned a lot which should stand me well in our future development. Really enjoyed the session..”  (Gareth Byron. Executive development chef – Kerry Group Food manufacturer).

“Hello, Ru…Well, what can I say but a huge thank you for a day it was amazing and thank you for your hospitality.  As far as Annie and myself will be a dad and daughter day that we will remember.   On our return home, we have family and friends a taste of what we created and they were all blown away by the taste.  Thank you for the picture the smiles say it all.   Please feel free to use anything to promote the School.  Well, I better get on with some work.   Once again thank you very much.   Regards…Joh-Paul and Annie X..”