Fruit Carving

Center for professional development: Fruit & Vegetables carving

For both professional and Non-Professional 

Many people said they can do fruit carving, but to which level? Join Krua Thai if you have high expectations. 

Learning fruit and vegetables carving from utubes, a book is virtually impossible if beginners are to master all the delicate manoeuvres and angles that the knife needs to make and how the knife must be held to execute the numerous and varied designs.  Just one lesson from us is all you need to achieve professional results.  Students will be taught the importance of holding the knife at the correct angle and will learn the ideal depth of cut needed to produce exquisite fruit carvings.  Through our unique teaching approach, we are confident that even students who have no previous experience will be able to achieve superb results in just a single day.  Students who have completed a course are welcome to call on our help at any time.

Our services:

  • Teaching and coaching fruit and vegetables carving to all levels. 
  • Fruit carving  and food presentation for your special/family events from mini ie. commission to do fruit carving to decorate your starter plates to world class events like the Wimbledon Championships.
  • 1 day productive and effective private training (7 -8 hours) at Krua Thai equivalent to typical 8 weeks (2 hours) training in Thailand.

Why fruit carving at Krua Thai:

  • We have worked with many top-flight clients such as Hilton Group and chef Albert Roux in this field and know exactly what you need to enhance your skills.
  • For those who wish to invest by paying extra for quality/ for best result and to get it right from the first time rather than to save money.  Any good quality product does not come cheap. 
  • All photos on this website are original work by Krua Thai and copy right.
  • Learn from the expert with no regret and worry free when you rely on our specialism and our expertise.
  • We offer both Professional and Non-Professional fruit carving.
  • Once you have paid for it is our job to make you achieve success.
  • All courses are tailor-made to suit your needs. 
  • Finesse and exquisite results. You will be able to do the same as we can do just as the photo shown.  More photos in gallery.
  • Learn special techniques involved in carving and no time is wasted in unnecessary preparation.
  • Intensive but stress free.
  • Just one lesson at Krua Thai is all you will need to achieve professional results.  We have 4 levels if you wish to know more.
  • We guarantee you will achieve superb results from day 1. 
  • We will be able to identify which designs are most important for your needs.
  • The Krua Thai Cookery School is simply the best place to learn fruit carving.

Please do your research before you choose tutor to teach you.  Then discuss with Krua Thai to compare who offers better.:

  1. Ask the tutor who are there customers.  Has s/he done big job, how big, how important.   This to show good work will be hired.
  2. Ask to show photos how many designs you will learn.
  3. How many hours for training daily from what time to what time.
  4. How long does s/he takes to carve 1 water melon – Basic designs
  5. Can tutor train you how to carve impressive fruit carving within 1 day.
  6. Ask the tutor to confirm if all photos shown on their website are their own work or not, show which one is their work.  Often some tutors took from other places ie from hotel in Thailand or from other works put on their website.
  7. What guarantee s/he will give you once you have paid for.
  8. What the final results you will get after training.
  9. What is  his/her after sales service, Is there any support information will be provided.
  10. What certificate you will receive for professional training.

“We guarantee you will achieve superb results in a single day”

More information:  please feel free to talk to us.  Our super friendly team are more than happy just to talk and help the best option.