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Discover new ways to present and decorate food using the delicate exotic art of fruit and vegetable carving that will astound and fascinate all who see it.  The School runs classes every day of the week to suit your schedule and can tailor these to your specific requirements.  Students will learn to carve to a professional standard, beginning with simple leaves and flowers.  At the end of the course they will be able to make a beautiful fruit and vegetable carving for a special occasion.

Fruit and vegetable carving is a Thai royal court culinary art that developed during the Ayutthaya period (1350-1767).  The aristocratic art reached its peak when the ladies of the court of King Rama II (1809-1824) mastered the skill of creating flowers, fish, baskets and other decorative objects from water melons, yam, cucumbers, onions and other similar common garden produce.

Why fruit carving at Krua Thai:

    • We have worked with many top-flight clients such as Hilton Group and chef Albert Roux in this field and know exactly what you need to enhance your skills.
    • All courses are tailor-made to suit your needs. 
    • Finesse and exquisite results.
    • Learn special techniques involved in carving and no time is wasted in unnecessary preparation.
    • Intensive but stress free.
    • Just one lesson from us is all you will need to achieve professional results.
    • We guarantee you will achieve superb results from day 1. 
    • We will be able to identify which designs are most important for your needs.
  • The Krua Thai Cookery School is simply the best place to learn fruit carving.

Learning fruit carving from a book is virtually impossible if beginners are to master all the delicate manoeuvres and angles that the knife needs to make and how the knife must be held to execute the numerous and varied designs.  Just one lesson from us is all you need to achieve professional results.  Students will be taught the importance of holding the knife at the correct angle and will learn the ideal depth of cut needed to produce exquisite fruit carvings.  Through our unique teaching approach, we are confident that even students who have no previous experience will be able to achieve superb results in just a single day.  Students who have completed a course are welcome to call on our help at any time.  Please read our recommendation what you should check before you learn fruit carving.

“We guarantee you will achieve superb results in a single day”

Course                                Flexible to suit each student 7 days by appointment.  Tuition is on a 1:1 and 1:4 basis(organised by clients) to ensure continued close attention at all times.

Type of class:                    Krua Thai aims students to achieve from day 1.  Therefore private tuition at our place is essential to ensure the most effective and productive training.  Fruit carving in group lessons will take at least 1 month to learn as learners have different levels of learning.  Not all are good and achieve at the same time.

Course fees:                        Introductory    £295/pp:  3.5 hours: 5 designs. Attractive simple designs.

Special 1          £355 /pp:  (private tuition) 5 hours – 7 designs.

Special 2          £395/pp:  9 designs 6 hours –for wedding/special occasion. .

Professional has 4 levels:            from £550/pp/day::  (approx. 7 hours).  Please contact School for more information. 10 mixed complex designs.

Specific design:£395/pp/day:  6 hrs:  Water melon carving name and various designs in one melon: 5 hours. This course suitable those who have learned intermediate fruit carving class ie. Special 1 and 2.

Fees are fully inclusive of all materials and the use of a special carving knife.

A Certificate will be awarded to professional course.

Payment                               In advance: via bank transfer to:- Krua Thai Cookery School

Gift vouchers are available-valid for 1 year

With Compliments            Each Student will receive a special fruit carving knife to practice at home.

Terms & Conditions          Full fee will be made at the same time of booking date. Booking well in advance.  All fees are valid for 1 year from receipt of payment.  Date for lesson can be changed free at least 14 days prior to the lesson. A 50% refund will be provided for cancellations within 10 working days to cover administration and ingredients.


What customer says.

Thank you so much for the knowledge you have shared with me today. Thank you for the first class hosting. I really appreciated it. I will put the knowledge to good use and will not disappoint you. Remain Blessed.