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Non Professional Cookery



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Learning from the internet does not quite hit the mark.  We will show you how. 

Tuition is on a 1:1 to 1:4 basis or group lessons organized by clients to ensure continued close attention at all times thus allowing for questions.  All lessons are intensive, but stress-free and are conducted in a relaxed atmosphere and surroundings.  The School also offers small group sessions where these are organised by clients.  Over 100 list of dishes please contact the School to send via e-mail.

The reason you are guaranteed to achieve and master Thai cookery skills in a very short time ie. 2.5 hours  because of our 30 years experience, we are able to screen best techniques to you.   You will be amazed what you can do and master in a very short time.

Serious learners from more than 30 countries come to Krua Thai.  We have everything to offer you:

  • Classes run 7 days a week by appointment only to suit you and your time.
  • You need only a few hours to cook Thai food properly at Krua Thai .  You spend weeks learning from utube, but fail.   Krua Thai teaches you to perfect on 4 essential points: successful ingredients used, appearance, flavour and consistency,  Utube can’t.
  • Large choice over 100 dishes to choose from.  Plenty for professional and non-pro.  
  • Our courses are suitable for those who are looking for extraordinary results or for someone very special. 
  • Bespoke courses to suit your needs and budget if our standard programme does not suit your particular requirements.
  • The entire lesson will be built around hands-on learning.  You will be coached by a professional Thai chef.
  • All dishes will be taken home as a banquet in containers provided by the school, along with a set of recipes to practice their new-found skills at home.   
  • Children from 10 yrs. are welcome, provided with adult
  • No time is wasted in unnecessary preparation or washing and tidying up.
  • Everything is provided for the students to ensure a memorable and enjoyable time.  We are confident you will learn a lot from us.
  • Gift vouchers available for those who are looking for a ‘REALLY AMAZING DAY’ WITH A PROFESSIONAL THAI CHEF.

Our teaching format has been carefully designed to ensure a highly effective and productive day.  After attending the course, students will obtain a high level of satisfaction and plaudits from customers, family and friends.  Group lessons will take slightly longer than private tuition.   For new learners, don’t worry, we will make you achieve the success you have paid for.  For those who are great cooks already, you will find yourself challenged as there are many more techniques for you to discover and master.

Sample fees cooking only, special offer:  Approx. time

Exclusive to Edinburgh Fringe: 


Pad Thai theme                          £175/pp- 2.5 hours session

Pad Thai theme                          £265/2 persons – 2.5 hours session

Curry and rice theme                £335/2 persons – 3 hours session   

Amazing Street Food Bangkok    £385/2 persons to cook, set menu 3 dishes:  3.5 hours  (contact the School for more info.).

Tailor-made 1:                                  £385/ 2 persons – any 2 dishes 3.5 hours with lunch.

Tailor-made 2:                                 £435/2 persons -any 3 dishes – with lunch and take food home.

Tailor-made 3:                                 £485/2 persons – any 4 dishes – with lunch and take food home.


Special course 1 A                       £299/pp for any 2 dishes from the list – 3.5 hours (£255/pp for 2 persons or more)

Special course 1 B                       £375/pp for any 3 dishes – 4 hours session. (£275/pp for 2 persons or more)

Special course 1 C                       £455/pp for any 4 dishes

Special course 1 D                      £495/pp for any 5 dishes – 6 hrs. (£595 for 2 persons).

The Edinburgh Fringe vouchers:  £95/pp.  ‘Amazing Bangkok Street Food with lunch’ Masterclass Thai cookery.  Only suitable to those who can come in 7th- 25th August 2021 only. 

Should you wish to buy voucher(s) please provide: Name of recipient(s), address to be sent to, name of couse, price.

Price for gift vouchers:  From £150- £750/pp/day training.   We also work within your budget.  Please feel free to discuss.  We are more than happy to suit your maximum budget.  Please feel free to discuss, we are more than happy just to talk and help.   More information for your amazing day.  Please contact the School as there are many choices and special offers each month.

It does not take long to learn how to cook Thai food correctly if you are shown the correct method.

Sample what customers say.  More on, click  Testimonials page’

Dear Ru 

It was an amazing day and we are indebted to you for such a fantastic experience.  
We will indeed be back for more once we have shared some of the skills you taught us. 
We are having all the family here on Sunday for dinner to practice our cooking on them. 
They all enjoyed tasting the food we brought back last week.  
Thanks also for the fab photos. We have no objection to you using them. We had such a fun time and thank you so very much for allowing us into your kitchen.  

Many thanks Craig and Margaret. 
X Sent from my iPhone