Let your team has an amazing day. We have entertained and facilitated groups such as bankers, chief executives, lawyers and financiers from across the UK and Europe.   

Our clients are from all over Europe.  Therefore the budget can be small or big.  Our service is very flexible.   We will do what you wish to run your event.    We don’t send a quote like contractors.


Quality team building can be a very powerful method of enhancing your business success and the way to strengthen your team to work effectively together relationships and developing levels of communication.


Krua Thai offers flexible team building to suit your needs at your maximum budget.  Your team will be busy and fun to learn the different ingredients used in Thai cuisine.  The team will work and cook great dishes together.

Krua Thai offers a flexible service.  We can set up any numbers of the team event and may be able to work at your tight budget.  Please organise in advance to allow us to help you to organise the best possible team event.   We have experience with the corporate event for over 22 years.  Please feel free to discuss before you set up the plan then blend to your programme especially those who will do multiple activities on the same day.   Thai cookery task/demonstration will be lunch after and will be a full meal.  Those who are planning to have some light snacks before coming to Krua Thai or plan to go out for dinner after the cookery demonstration.   We will not recommend this idea.   But drink after will be ok.


Serve food that your team love and interest in learning new exciting tasks.   Krua Thai will take photos during the event for your memorable day.

Please remember you are here to have high-quality Thai meal we make our own curry paste beyond general Thai restaurants standards which most of them (99%)  using curry paste from supermarket shelves.  We cook exclusively for your team, learn the secrets of Thai cuisine and take recipes home, therefore the price will not expect to be the same as your  3-course lunch or dinner in general Thai restaurants where you are served with profit compromised quality.      If you don’t know your budget please check with your HR manager as his/her job to set up the budget for team building.   It will be clearer information and we will send a proposal to you to fit your budget not over or under your budget.    Food in a restaurant, they don’t teach you how to cook like Krua Thai.  Therefore, please do not expect the same price.  Our cookery lesson fee from £125/pp (2 hrs session) – £700/pp per lesson: 7 hours session.   A corporate event is the best price: learn how to cook PLUS  full meal and longer hours.  Learn and enjoy high-quality food.  The recipes take home for life experience. The price relates to the numbers of delegates.    Krua Thai kitchen will set up exclusively for each group, we use the same number of staff no matter 5-30 delegates, the setup cost is the same.  

 Before contact the School, it will be more effective communication if you have below information.  This will help us to find out the best option quicker for you:  

  • Your maximum budget
  • How many people
  • Duration – how many hours you wish to do
  • What do you wish to learn, give us a list of dishes
  • Time
  • Date
  • Special diet

Once we have all of this information, we will send you a proposal close to your request without pushing sales.   Once you have received our proposal, please feel free to amend even several times, let us know a ‘YES’ or a ‘NO’ or ‘AWAIT’  that’s all we need.

Note: Price excluded wine/alcohol.   The School does not have an alcohol license.  Please bring your own alcohol drinks. We have all the glasses ready for you.


Looking for something different?  Celebrate before or after closing a deal or just spend an enjoyable evening with friends or clients in our smart and relaxing dining room, a tasteful blend of classic Thai and Victorian style.  Our aim is to ensure your event is unique and unforgettable. Guests will be shown how to cook high-status Thai cuisine.  You will discover the secrets of traditional Thai cookery.

If you wish to try fruit carving, we can fit this into the programme to suit your schedule.  You will be shown the best techniques to deliver results in the shortest time.  We are very confident that you and your guests will be entirely satisfied with our service, our warm hospitality and attention to detail.

Please let us know your plans and we will submit a draft programme for your consideration.

Our service includes:

  • Exclusive private lunch or dinner
  • Team building exercises
  • Staff rewards
  • Bespoke cookery demonstration (part hands-on) and tasting at a time to suit you.  Let us know your budget we will find the best option for you
  • Cookery demonstration with dinner with stunning food presentation.
  • Fruit and vegetable carving and food presentation
  • Looking for the best corporate event, unique and unforgettable
  • Aprons will be provided.
  • The recipes are guaranteed to be the same as we use for our exclusive outside catering.


Price:  To suit your budget.  Please advise your maximum budget and contact the School or if you wish lower budget.   We will sort out the best option for you.

Sample price low and high budget:  Our standard price from £70- £180/pp.   However, for those who wish to set a low budget, a minimum order  ( group – for lunchtime – menu typical quick Thai lunch 3-course meal, starter, noodles, dessert), Evening from £700 -/group.  Starter, soup, curry, rice, noodles, dessert).   Please feel free to talk to us and find out more.   There are many options  we can offer you.


“Enjoy our charming hospitality and attention to detail”

 Super-yacht chef advanced traditional Thai culinary training:   

  • Training/coaching to suit your time and budget 
  • Suitable for those who are looking for quality and want to get it right at the first time.
  • Your request proposal will be sent to you/your captain within 24 hours 
  • Private tuition to ensure highly effective and productive training – better than group   
  • You are guaranteed achieve best solution from day 1 
  • After sales service : full support 24/7
  • Flexible/intensive training.  Learn the needs to know to  suit your needs
  • On-going assessment – Certificate of achievement will be awarded   
  • Photos will be sent for your records: Thai cookery, Fruit carving
  • Krua Thai has trained many chefs directors from various cookery schools in UK and Europe to teach students in their schools, but not all recipes as they only come from 1- 5 days.   
  • List of accommodation will be provided

Professional chefs at Krua Thai 60% are chefs from luxury yachts from Europe/US/Australia. Why learn from Krua Thai.  The School is a Thai cookery training centre and has been trained several chef directors from various cookery schools in UK  and Europe.  How to produce top quality food fast and exquisitely ready from 15 mins. -1 hour.  You need special techniques,   We will train you to master Thai cuisine in a very short time to cook for very exclusive and sophisticated clients plus to impress your team while on board.   After the training, you will be able to work and cook superior Thai food on super-yachts of any size around the world.  Our training available from 1 day to 10 days.   For those who don’t have time you can cook more dishes and work longer hours.    Thai cooking is not just only salt and pepper you certainly need the best solution.  We have solution for you to enjoy stress free cooking Thai food.

Our short course is highly effective and through its 1 to 1 training is highly productive.  You will achieve a high degree from just 1-day training course.  You will be encouraged to use your full imagination, create finesse and exquisite results to maintain a happy vessel.  This training can be most challenging.  You will be trained in various culinary skills such as working alone, creative recipes and food presentations, understanding dietary requirements and allergens, alternative diets for the owner also internal and external customers.  Moreover you will learn how to be flexible and adaptable, especially to work with available ingredients.

Why not talk to us to find out how we can make you achieve best performance and ask for training sample.    It is our job to maximise your benefits and to ensure the training is perfect for your needs.

What our recent chef say:  Thanks chef!   I am sweating chef!!! Craziest job I’ve ever had hahahaha so tonight they have:  Grilled Lobster, Steamed fish Thai style, Green curry, hot and sour soup amazing king prawns, Sirloin beef salad, Papaya salad, Fried rice.  The recipes you gave me, they’ve tried already and asked for it again!.  Big buffet…we sailing now so had to cook quickly after lunch today!  Haha crazy madness, but if I hadn’t come to your school I wouldn’t be half as okay as I am now.  I will write an amazing review soon. Just need to finish this charter in a week or two xxx

Our fees:  From £550- £950/pp/day training.

We look forward to welcoming you.






Have amazing effective and productive day in your own home or at the School.  You will learn a lot.  Take advantage of this exceptional, best-value-ever offer to discover the secrets of traditional Thai cookery and learn about Thai eating culture with The Krua Thai Cookery School. See how professional chefs operate. Impress your guests, family and friends by learning to cook high-quality Thai dishes and blending techniques from a professional Thai chef. We will reveal our trade secrets to you and will take you through each process step by step. Recipes are guaranteed to be the same as we use for the school’s exclusive outside catering. Students will be shown how to cook Thai food using various herbs to achieve the intense flavour that Thais expect in high-quality cooking but that is difficult to find outside their country.

Package/duration: 100% hands-on training. From 3 – 5.5 hours session depending on your final chosen course.  Recipes are provided for you to take home and practice your new found skills. Great for friends/colleagues day out, pre-Christmas gatherings etc.

Extra fee for private tuition at your own home: From £100.- for Edinburgh postcode: EH1-EH17, EH21,EH25.   Other zone extra fee : from £150.-

We will reveal the following essential culinary secrets:

1. Introduction to traditional Thai cookery and the ingredients
2. Accompanying sauces: You will learn how to make tamarind, fruity sauce and chilli fish sauce.
3. Cooking techniques suitable for either 1 portion or multiple portions;
4. Advice on recipes that are suitable for deep freezing or for serving immediately;
5. Tips on food preparation to ensure pre-prepared dishes are ready to serve quickly;
7. Tuition and instruction on which ingredients are most suitable for commercial use;
8. Techniques to ensure pre-cooked dishes maintain the same taste as freshly cooked dishes;
9. The essentials of making stock in Thai cuisine;
10. Cutting style and techniques used for professional cooking;
11. Blending techniques for Thai cuisine;
12. Cookery processes in Thai cuisine

Price:  From £225 –  £600  for 2 persons. 

Payment: By bank transfer or cheque with bank charges from overseas or PayPal from our gift voucher page with extra 6% fee to be added from the fee.  Please contact the school to help with your final decision.

Note: Please contact the School before you book and for payment by bank transfer or Paypal. 



Date/Time:  By appointment to suit you.  Private group organised by clients.

Sample of our testimonial from one of executive development chefs who needs to discover the secrets of traditional Thai cuisine to develop standards in his work place.  more please click here.

Hi Ru
Thanks for sending them through. I had a quiet day today and have started to go over my notes from last week, sounds like there will be no such break for you! I really enjoyed the course and learned a lot, now I will be able to start this job with the confidence of having the proper foundational knowledge so thank you. I will keep you posted on how it goes and keep an eye out for any further opportunities for training that may come up.
Take care for now.

As professional level.  You need to find out before your final decision: 

  1. The outcome that suit your business needs
  2. Professional choice of menus which we have the largest menu over 100 dishes to choose from
  3. About us Rujira Herd:  Very important is tutor’s fully qualified chef with formal qualification background not just one who claims his/herself as a chef but no formal qualification from cookery schools in Thailand for tourists and not relevant to your business needs.   Below is the information to help with your final decision. 


Come and learn the most useful blending techniques from Krua Thai.  Our students from more than 30 countries.  Learn to cook high quality Thai dishes together with blending techniques from a professional Thai chef.  We will reveal our trade secrets to you and will take you through each process step by step.  Recipes are guaranteed to be the same as we use for the school’s exclusive outside catering. Students will be shown how to cook Thai food using various herbs to achieve the intensive flavour that Thais expect in high quality cooking but that is difficult to find outside their country.

Our flexible service:  Our service is very flexible, we set up the training to suit your needs. This is specific training to be able to use effective for your business.

About the course:  Private tuition to ensure effective and productive training and time will be for only you.   100% hands-on training, including lunch.  Recipes are provided for you to take home and practice your new found skills at your own work place. 

What will you learn: From our vast experience in top flight clients..  Our training will be true intensive professional training using informal format  to ensure students master in a very short time.   Your 1-5 days training will be equivalent to 6 months training in Thailand (time has been wasted and prolonged. opposite service from Krua Thai fast efficient training).

You should ask the boss to sponsor this course  as you will be able to monitor and develop the better quality to ensure customer retention for their company.  Kerry, Noon, Covent Garden soups, chain restaurants/takeaway, The Seafood company (Youngs), Holiday Inn, Boeing, superyacths sponsored to their staff.  Food manufacturers paid for their development chefs to come here.   However, if you pay yourself you don’t need to tie up a contract.

You can choose any dishes to cover 1,2,3,4,5 days. We provide you extra to cover everything both how to develop the dishes using ready made curry paste.  After training top quality Thai cuisine using superior quality ingredients with intensive /more herbs for top flight clients then go to the Takeaway quality for those who are in this line. This will be another training cost, but I will include FREE  in your training which will save you to do 2 times at the same price.

How many dishes:  There are approx 4-8 dishes per day depending on how many you wish to cook and the budget.   they put on the menu:   Red colour text, you can learn if you wish  12 dishes.

For example:  if you wish to cook 4 dishes per day, there will be a lot of prep work for the first day to cover 3 days.  You will learn a lot, not just 4 dishes.  You will learn how to make fresh curry paste, proper accompaniment dishes, crispy garlic/oil, sauces, chilli in oil for hot and sour soup.   All of these are extra dishes from the list.   We will be able to cover all as we do mise en place prior to the training.  Sample dishes you wish to learn per day:

  1. Stir-fried chicken with cashew nuts.
  2. Fried chicken Bangkok style
  3. Stir-fried egg noodles
  4. Pad Thai


  1. Chicken garlic and black pepper
  2. Stir-fried vegetables
  3. Chicken satay
  4. Spring rolls


  1. Stir-fried noodles with holy basil
  2. Hot and sour soup chicken, king prawns
  3. Red curry
  4. Green curry


  1. Panang (dry curry)
  2. Masaman (mild curry with potato)
  3. Yellow curry
  4. Fried rice with egg/chicken


  1. Prawns spring rolls (Goog hom pa).
  2. Stir-fried chicken with sweet Thai basil
  3. Stir-fry vegetables
  4. Larb – Hot and sour salad minced chicken/pork or beef


  1. Yum – Hot and sour salad vermicelli with minced pork
  2. Spare ribs Thai style


Extra dishes to both options.:  Typical Thai breakfast:

  1. 2 dishes Rice soup Thai style
  2. Salad/dish accompaniment dishes for typical Thai breakfast
  3. Stir-fried for traditional Thai breakfast

Fruit carving and food presentation:  If you wish to learn introductory fruit carving and stay longer,. we can insert the fruit carving, this will be excellent for you to use for your event.  We offer £250. for 7 designs fruit carving during your training (normally £675/pp/day)  Free 1 set of carving tools.. If you wish please add into the bill.  total 5 hours.  we can split into 3 days.

Sample of training price: £550 for 4 dishes per training: x 5 =£2,750.   Takeaway training technique:  £550 for 4 dishes per training:, x 5 days=£2,750 .-  We can do this for 3 days:  at 7 – dishes per day for longer ie. till l 6- pm.  Time can be longer as we need to cover all.    At the same time, we will do Take away training.  It will be the most invaluable training.   You will see a big improvement after the training I can assure you.  The training in just 3 days will enable you to fix the problem, and be able to develop or expand future dishes.

There are 2 options special offer:

3 x days training: 4 dishes per day training total 12 dishes @ £550/pp/day (or £130. 50 per dish) (normal £575/pp/day) : Total: £1,650.– Blending techniques, traditional cut and length, accompaniment dishes

10 am – 4 pm.


3 days training: 7-8 dishes per day training total 25 dishes if you wish to do all:  @ 800/day (or £80/per dish): total: £2,400–(normal price £130.50/per dish) concentrate on pure blending techniques and traditional cut and length.  Accompaniment dishes.

(10 am – 6 pm.) Some ingredients ie. peel garlic, onion, wash vegetables, all will be ready for you as you already have these skills.

(if you choose this, you will be able to use every dot of your knowledge for your development.   You can come back for more later.  

Price and course description:  To learn all  dishes from the menu from ie. your chain takeaway and able to use this knowledge immediately from day 1.  Training 3 days will take longer hours (10 am.-6 pm), this will cover cooking with  Krua Thai secrets formula course  takeaway training course .

The training outcome:: You will see both top and  medium cuisine which you will need to know.  We offer after sales service/training: 24/7 I will be answering/chat  or to suit both parties.   This will give you information and bring the results you need for work.  I am very confident to say you will learn so much and it will be an eye opening to the secret trade of Thai cuisine.

Everything will be prepared and ready for training.  No time will be wasted during the training to ensure the most effective and productive day.

Accommodation :  The Travelodge the best accommodation and best price in town.  Near us, 10 mins walk.  The Brae lodge guest house near is at a higher price.

I hope this information is useful to help with your final decision.  Please feel free to give me a call.  I am more than happy to discuss to ensure the training is perfect for your company.

The course will cover essentials as follows:
1. Introduction to traditional Thai cookery and the ingredients.
2. Accompanying sauces: You will learn how to make tamarind, fruity sauce and chilli fish sauce.
3. Cooking techniques suitable for either 1 portion or multiple portions.
4. The typical ingredients of Thai curry paste and the different ingredients in each curry.
5. Making homemade curry paste using Thai herbs – a natural medicine for long term health.
6. Advice on recipes that are suitable for deep freezing or for serving immediately.
7. Tips on food preparation to ensure pre-prepared dishes are ready to serve quickly.
8. Tuition and instruction on which ingredients are most suitable for commercial use.
9. Techniques to ensure pre-cooked dishes maintain the same taste as freshly cooked dishes.
10. The essentials of making stock in Thai cuisine.
11. Cutting style and techniques used for professional cooking.
12. Blending techniques for Thai cuisine.
13. Cookery processes in Thai cuisine and a lot more….


Have a brilliant time!

Please note: Times to suit clients and  are approximate only. Soft drinks available

Price: From £550/pp/day.  Let us know your budget we will find the best option for you.

Payment:  By bank transfer.  Please contact the school before you book.










Fruit and vegetable carving is a Thai royal court culinary art that developed during the Ayutthaya period (1350-1767).  The aristocratic art reached its peak when the ladies of the court of King Rama II (1809-1824) mastered the skill of creating flowers, fish, baskets and other decorative objects from water melons, yam, cucumbers, onions and other similar common garden produce.

  • 100% guarantee that you will achieve beautiful fruit carvings after a 1-day lesson.
  • We have worked with many top-flight clients in this field and know exactly what you need to enhance your skills. 
  • We will be able to identify which designs are most important for your needs. 
  • We also offer free 1/2 day foundation courses for professionals that will enable you to gain confidence in carving and familiarise you with the various techniques. 
  • The Krua Thai Cookery School is simply the best place to teach fruit carving.
  • Certificate of achievement will be awarded for professional training.
  • Krua Thai training 1 day equivalent to one term – guaranteed students to master in a very short time.

The entire lesson will consist of learning the special techniques involved in carving and no time is wasted in unnecessary preparation.  The Krua Thai Cookery School prides itself in taking all the effort out of learning and leaves the student to enjoy an intensive but stress-free, enjoyable and informal new art form.  Students will begin by learning the basic cuts and work up to a complex series of cuts and designs.

Learning fruit carving from a book is virtually impossible if beginners are to master all the delicate manoeuvres and angles that the knife needs to make and how the knife must be held to execute the numerous and varied designs.  Just one lesson from us is all you will need to achieve professional results.  Students will be taught the importance of holding the knife at the correct angle and will learn the ideal depth of cut needed to produce exquisite fruit carvings.  Through our unique teaching approach, we are confident that even students who have no previous experience will be able to achieve superb results in just a single day.  Students who have completed a course are welcome to call on our help at any time.

“100% guarantee that you will achieve superb results in a single day”

Booking:  Private booking. We are open 7 days at a time to suit you.  Advance bookings, by appointment only.

Price:  From £150-£750/day training per person depending on the menu.  


Order a Fruit Carving Class Now




 WHY BUY A GIFT VOUCHER FROM KRUA THAI:   You can contact via email or tel direct to the School 24/7 with our prompt reply policy, you are guaranteed to get the experience.  Please check before you buy any gift voucher from others online, they don’t have tel. to contact plus some takes 7 days to reply plus any bankruptcy, you will lose your money as you have contracted with the online agent not the suppliers.   

URGENT VOUCHER(S): Please send email with recipient’s name, which occasion, address to be delivered to.  Then call us 0131 664 3036, or 0783345819 for fast communication as sometimes we are busy with classes, not checking email all the time.

THE RECIPIENT(S) can book at a date to suit them just like booking hairdresser, you go when you are available.  Voucher valid for 1 year.

COVID 19:  The School follows the government guidelines. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) will be provided, temperature check on your arrival.


MOTHER/FATHER’S DAY:  Say thank you for mum or dad with something really special from Krua Thai.  Special offer: £299 for 2 persons (you and your mum.  Normal fee £250/pp).  Thai Street Food theme: 3 dishes:  


Weekly available from now on: Booking at least 2 days in advance: £75.-,£85.- £95. for 2 person per set.

Gift vouchers for banquet available.  More info.  click here:   Order food when you wish to have.  Valid for 1 year. 

The Krua Thai Cookery School’s (  gift voucher is a perfect present for all occasions, even for someone who has everything (but perhaps not with professional knowledge of Thai cookery). We offer you professional recipes which are unlikely to be found in cookery books or the internet. You will not regret your decision.    Please see the sample of our gift vouchers at the bottom of the page.

It is our job to make you achieve success once you have paid for.  No matter if you are complete beginners or a great cook, you will learn better blending techniques and how to perfect the final product like a true professional.     During the lesson, you will learn a lot and will realise which techniques you have not got before.

Our special offer this month you can join in 2 persons:  All Masterclass,  you will learn all the necessary techniques and ability to cook Thai food confidently and professionally.  Helping each other to cook and have lunch/meal at the school.   If you wish to bring all the food home.  2 of you must have lunch together, can’t separate Thai food into 2 sets.

NOTE: Private tuition can be delivered at your home at extra fee from as low as £100.– for Edinburgh postcode EH1-EH17, EH21,EH25.  Other zone extra fee £150.-

The Budget:  Let us know what you wish to spend before contacting us.

Below are a sample of our special offers.  Note: For non-professional Masterclass Thai cookery.  

  1. £69- £99/pp available in 7- 30 August 2021:  Booking:  contact the School. 2 hrs session.
  2. Pad Thai £165/pp or £255 /pp if 2 persons join together,  2.5 hrs.
  3. Red Chicken  Curry theme with rice or noodles, £335. For 2 persons (normal fee £225 per theme) you will learn how to serve this delicious meal like Thailand.  Learn essential herbs we use in Thailand. 2.5 hrs.
  4. Any 2 dishes :   £365 for 2 persons.   Approx. 3.5 hours.  Depending on your chosen dishes, cooking, tasting duration.   
  5. Any 3 dishes for £375 for 2 persons. Approx. 4 hours depending on your chosen dishes, cooking, tasting duration.   
  6. 4 dishes set menu:  Bangkok Thai street food:   Steamed Salmon with lemongrass, chill, aromatic Thai herbs, Hot and sour salad with chilli, lemon juice, herbs, Fry Chicken thighs with turmeric lemongrass. Crispy won ton with minced pork, tamarind chilli sauce dip.  price £365 for 2 persons or  £295/pp.
  7. 3 dishes for 335/ for 2 persons, or £235 /pp:  Set menu ‘Thai Street Food’:  Delicious dumpling/wonton with soya sauce, chilli and crispy galic dip, steamed fish with lemongrass, galangal, fresh pepper corns, mixed herbs, Chicken drumsticks with garlic, lemongrass excellent with starter or main.  

Everything will be provided.  No time is wasted in unnecessary tasks ie. cleaning, peeling, washing vegetables, tidying up.  All ingredients are ready for you to start cooking immediately.  Drinks available throughout the lesson, you drink when you need, no time for coffee break.  We spend time on training.

You can choose any for them to what you like and send them a voucher for a present.   They surely will be most delighted.   You all will be our special guests on the day, learn a lot and will be well looked after.  

Course fee                      You are free to set up your course at your budget and date/time to suit you                     

Standard fees: Times are approximate only as we can’t control your tasting time

Pad Thai theme:           -£175/pp.- approx. 2.5 hours

Curry and rice theme:  – £325/pp – approx. 3 hours.

                                       -£345/2 persons – 3 hours. 

Any 3 dishes:                -£385 for 2 persons.

 Busy lifestyle:             – £185/pp – 2.5 hours- Choose  2 dishes:  Stir-fried chicken with chilli mushroom, fried rice, or steamed salmon  with Thai herbs, chilli, lemongrass, cooked wonton with minced pork or  crispy won ton with minced pork, fruity tamarind sauce dip (great for salad dressing too).  Extra person £125/pp.  or £300 for 2 persons helping each other to cook 1 set of meal.

 Special Course 1           -£299/pp for any 2 dishes 3.5 hours

                                         -£265/pp for 2 persons +

Special Course 2           -£335/pp for any 3 dishes 3.5-4 hours

                                        -£285/pp for 2 persons +

Special Course 3           -£375 for individual tuition (any 4 dishes) –4-5 hours.

                                        -£355 per person (2 persons + ).-4.5 hours.

Special Course 4           -£465 for individual tuition (total 5 dishes)-tailor-made. 5-5.30hrs.

-£395 per person (2-4 persons who arrange a lesson together).

Special Course 5           -£559 for individual tuition (total 6 dishes)- tailor-made. 5-6 hrs.

                                       -£455 per person (2-4 persons who arrange a lesson together).

Special Course 6           -£630 for individual tuition (total 7 dishes)- tailor-made. 6-7 hrs.

                                       -£550 per person (2-4 persons who arrange a lesson together).

Special Course 7         -£680 for individual tuition (total 8 dishes) tailor-made. 6-7 hrs.

                                      -£650 per person (2-4 persons who arrange a lesson together)

Extra dish: £100/dish/pp.

Professional               -£575-£700.- per person/day  for professional course 5/6 dishes.

Fees are fully inclusive of all high-quality ingredients and protective clothing.

Please note: group tuition will be organised by clients and cook the same chosen dishes. 

Payment                         By cheques or bank transfer to: –Krua Thai Cookery School.:

HOW TO ORDER:      Via e-mail with Recipient’s name (for our welcome letter), budget, address to be sent to.

Terms & Conditions

Payment will be made in full for vouchers before delivery.  Provisional bookings will be held 2 days.

If none suits you. Please feel free to advise your maximum budget.  It will be easier for us to find the best option for you.  

Our gift vouchers will ensure the recipient will remember the special day for a long time. Just one phone call is all it takes. We will do the rest through our efficient delivery service.   You will not have time to feel lonely during the lesson as there are so many things to learn.  You will learn much more than at a large group lesson. 

Buy gift voucher(s):  You will need to send e-mail to the School first with your tel.  number just in case of non-delivery.   We will send you a full list of courses over 20 choices to choose from.

Urgent gift voucher:   The welcome letter will be sent to you use as a gift voucher provided you agree to pay the same day as the voucher/welcome letter is sent to you.   Failure to do so we reserve the right to cancel the voucher.    The unpaid voucher is the property of the Krua Thai Cookery. School.

New offer: Buy now pay later is very flexible – free interest and service.   This offer to those who need the voucher(s) quickly and wish to delay paying your purchases for up to 4 months period.   ie.  vouchers value £375:  You pay first £100, month 2: £100, month 3: £100. month 4 : £75.- After the full payment has been made then book the lesson/training.

Collect the voucher(s) at the School:  Please make an appointment before you come as the voucher is not readymade like other cookery schools or businesses.    It will take 30 mins. to make the voucher exclusively for each client with his/her name.

Christmas vouchers: Will be free delivery by first class post.     To ensure the vouchers reach you on time,  please book by 17th Dec to avoid extra cost as the post office will be very busy during this period and takes 4-5 days to reach you (normally 1-2 days).    However, you can come to pick up the vouchers at the school by appointment only as the vouchers are handmade exclusively to each recipient only.  Please contact the school if you have not received the voucher after the expected time.



UK.  Free delivery first class post within 2 -3 days (except during Xmas 4-5 days). 

Europe: Free delivery within 5-7 days.

Other parts of the world: Free delivery within 7-10 days.

HOW TO BUY GIFT VOUCHERS:  Please organise well in advance, will be less hectic for you.  Each voucher is a personalised gift voucher, hand wrap to each client with his/her name on our welcome letter, unlike department stores or shops.  To allow us to send to you or the recipient nicely, correctly and in time.  Before you buy please discuss with the school by e-mail or phone to find out what you will get for each price.  We are here to help.   We will use below information for our gift voucher.  Please provide as follows:

1. Recipient’s full name  (Mr. Mrs. Miss, Dr, Sir.. etc .)

2. Number of vouchers required (ie.  1 vouchers but with 2 names, or 2 names with 2 vouchers)

2. For which occasion ( ie, Christmas present, Anniversary, birthday/which date, wedding..etc…)

3. When do you wish to have your gift voucher (ie. by 15 Dec. ).

4. Full address to be sent to you or the recipient.    Please also provide your e-mail and tel.  in case of non-delivery.

Superior gift vouchers by Krua Thai:   Why buy from Krua Thai

Good quality isn’t cheap.  Lower quality will definitely be cheaper.  They do not come with a warranty.    Krua Thai recipes is guaranteed for life – The recipes that you can show off your clients/family/friends proudly, confidently, professionally.  We work 24/ 7 days from 9 am -10 pm:

  • Private tuition or group lesson for traditional Thai cookery ie. the secret how to make curry paste or fruit carving.
  • A special present for a special person who would love an amazing day out.
  • Flexible service.
  • Each voucher is hand-made exclusively for each client with the name of the recipient recorded on the back.  It will take time to prepare so please book in advance.  It will be beautifully and impressively wrapped ready to present to the recipient.
  • Voucher to suit your budget.  Please feel free to discuss.  We are more than happy just to talk and help. 
  • Gift vouchers are a secret present and their details will remain confidential. The voucher does not display any cost but this will be recorded in our files.
  • Urgent gift vouchers can be sent without delay.
  • Buy direct from Krua Thai rather than agents online to avoid any hassle. 
  • Valid for one year.
  • Prompt attention and fast delivery.
  • Classes or meeting by appointment only.
  • FREE DELIVERY by first class post.
  • The full payment must be made when booking the date for the lesson.

If you want to compare  Krua Thai with others.    The word  ‘Fantastic’ from other places,  but to which level if you have not tested on Krua Thai quality.   The same when you compare between  Mercedes and Fiat, or Apple and Huawei  -which one is better quality for long-term use, more professionally effective/speed/faster.   Please check by comparing like for like not just look at the price.     Questions that you may wish to raise ie.  Is the ready-made curry paste will be mixed with the fresh(this means the chef only show you how to add extra when using ready made curry paste like they do in restaurants, or chefs can’t perfect the curry paste precisely, so s/he will need to use the ready-made curry paste) ( this shows chefs don’t have skills in making curry paste nicely deliciously),  or is everything chopped ready to put in the pot/wok, the food only cover lunch not taking all food home to cover 3-4 people like Krua Thai do, a big group not private, using camping gas, not a professional kitchen, no recipes to show clearly.     Here some samples of reviews: using ready made curry paste and everything chopped and ready to cook.

According to Trading Standards, if you buy vouchers online and the company ceases trading, you are likely to lose your money. Dealing directly with the Krua Thai Cookery School will offer you peace of mind.

Please give us a call or e-mail us.  Our friendly service is fast and efficient.  Delivery normally takes 1-2 days in the UK and up to 7 days for delivery to other parts of the world.

You don’t need to have a massive budget.   Our prices are from  £100/pp for group or as low as £150/pp for private lesson and you can enjoy the best meal and the best recipes to take home.

 “The best present I’ve ever had.”  That’s what our customers say”


Price : Our price for private tuition from, £150 – £750/pp/day as there are over 20 choices.   We can offer the voucher to suit your budget.  It is better you tell us what is your maximum budget, we will find the best option for you.  Please feel free to discuss your requirements.  We are here to help to ensure the course is perfect for you.  At the end you will take your food home to cover from total 2- 4 people depending on the course you choose, plus you have a full meal before you leave the School.   Please check with others if you will get the same quality/quantity as Krua Thai.  

Payment: Please don’t send money before discussion your course with us by phone or e-mail.  By bank transfer or Paypal.  Our PayPal for those who already discussed the price with the School prior to making payment.   Please contact the school before you buy via PayPal as the price may not match with your gift voucher.  


All vouchers valid for 1 year.  The vouchers can be passed to others but cannot be exchanged for cash.  Booking via e-mail with contact number.

Sample of our personalised gift vouchers.   Please book in advance.  

Hand-made by Krua Thai- Exclusive  for someone very special.   Free post.


Image15  Thai cookery

Please contact the school before you pay via PayPal so that you read details of courses before you buy.

OR select payment/voucher amount: GBP















“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. Equally as “The way to a woman’s heart is to her stomach”.  One of the most brilliant ideas for your party is to discover the secrets of traditional Thai cookery and learn about Thai eating culture at The Krua Thai Cookery School. Your fun-filled day will kick off with learning how to wrap won-ton correctly and as a group, learn to cook Thai food using recipes that are simple to follow for Thai cooking to impress your future spouse and friends.   Please read our Testimonials. 

We have clients for Hen/Stag party from all over the world those who want to pay extra for a WOW factor and want something totally different from box standard.  Our service set exclusively to each of our clients and is very flexible service.  We will do what you wish to run your event.   Just give us the precise budget, we will send a proposal to you to fit your budget.    Please advise: 

  • Your maximum budget per person
  • How many people
  • Duration – how many hours you wish to do
  • What dishes you wish to have
  • What do you wish to learn, give us a list of dishes
  • Time
  • Date

Note: Price excluded wine/alcohol

Our stags and hens have come from the UK and Europe.  We will do all the hard work and take the pressure away from you. 

Make yourself at home:

  • See how professional chefs operate. Impress your guests by learning to cook high quality Thai food and blending techniques.
  • Learn our trade secrets as we take you through each process step by step.
  • Recipes are guaranteed to be the same as our exclusive outside catering.
  • Guests will be shown how to cook Thai food using various herbs to achieve the intensive flavours found in Thailand.

About your day: Lessons last from 3 – 5 hours depending on your request.  Cookery demonstration with part hands-on.  Recipes are provided for you to take home and practice your new found skills. Great for corporate events by helping each other to cook, and excellent for lovers of fine food or professional chefs who wish to take their career to the next level. You will help each other to cook in groups varying in size from 2 to 14 persons.


Yes, indeed we can do.   We are very flexible.  We can do anything and will set up the even to fit your maximum budget.   Guests can eat as much as they want unlike restaurants with small portion or just enough to eat.  I can assure you everyone will love our superior food/quality using fresh intensive ingredients for your long-term health.   Please provide your plan and how would you like for food, facilities for cooking.  I will work out to suit your needs.   I will be able to work out the cost.
Please find an enclosed sample of our work and list of dishes you wish to do/have on the day.    From our side.   Before we can finalise our work plan/menu/ cost for your event.   We have questions as follows:
1.   How many total people in the party
2.   What dishes/type of menu you wish to have.
3.   How many dishes you wish to have.
4.  Do you wish to cook or just want us to provide a meal ready to serve you when we arrive at your party.
5.  How many meals we have to provide.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner,  is chef will be staying overnight there or cook only 1 meal?   We will need at least 2 chefs for outside catering or overnight as cleaning.  If we have to stay overnight and work until what time.
6.  Do you wish to learn how to cook and make a meal together?   I can do this as 1-3  dishes, the rest I can cook ready for you.
7.  What is your maximum budget.   If we know, we can suggest better.
8.  In the past:  Clients order the food as outside catering plus cookery demonstration with 1-3 dishes hands on. Then we make extra more dishes add up in your lunch and we have the food ready for your dinner.    This will be depending on your final budget.
9.  How many guests who have special diets, food allergies, like and dislike.  This will allow us to finalise the menu.
10. This type of job we will need at least 1  cleaner as cooking/running like this.   Cleaning is paramount: kitchen, dishes, glasses, pots/pans/floor/burners/cooker to turn the kitchen to its original.   1 chef won’t cover everything and it will be too much work with endless hours for 1 person.
11.  The final cost related to the food you choose.

“Wow, what a unique experience.  I loved every minute of it…. the different spices we used to make the Pad Thai, some of which I had not even heard of before (i.e. tamarind and mooli) gave a fantastic flavour and true depth to the dish not experienced in Thai restaurants.  Ru has worked with Albert Roux – that’s how good she is !”
Thanks for an amazing afternoon,

Price:  Our price range from £69- £180/pp or to suit your budget we will find the best option for you.  All customized events.

Payment: By bank transfer or cheque or Paypal.  Please contact the School before booking.






ORDER: At least 2 days in advance/ by appointment



  1. Your full name,
  2. Telephone/mobile no.  
  3. address and post code,
  4. Food allergies, special diets, medical conditions ie. diabetes.  We will cook to suit your needs.
  5. instruction normal, medium hot, hot, 



Everyone can afford a private chef at Krua Thai. EAT BETTER- GENEROUS PORTION.




HOW TO ORDER GIFT VOUCHERS:  Valid 1 year.  Please call/via email,  provide name of the recipients, address to be sent.  Payment will be made by bank transfer, once the payment has been made, the voucher(s) will be sent.  The recipient will book at date to suit them.

PREMIUM THAI CUISINE.  You can order anything in advance minimum for 2 portions, but we have set menu for 2 persons or 2 meals. 


The simplest way to eat healthy food and lose weight while still enjoying a delicious meal.

Booking: Mondays for collection on Wednesday.   Imported Thai herbs are available in Supermarkets on Tuesdays for those who wish to order curry dishes.   Non curry dishes can order 1-2 days prior to collection at time to suit each client.

Payment:  By bank transfer on the day of booking date.   An invoice will be sent once the booking date has been made.


Tel: 0131 664 3036

GIFT VOUCHERS.  Valid 1 year.

 SPECIAL OFFER Minimum order £70.-THIS WEEK:  for 2 persons, Main course £18/dish, desserts £10/dish.

(Menu: Any 3 dishes (approx. 250g /main course/pp , boiled rice- 250g/pp. approx. 1 1/2 cups ). 

100% Guaranteed Flavour – Freshness – Quality.







Krua Thai offers delicious traditional Thai food just like Thailand 

Pick up/collect/delivery, date/time by appointment in advance to suit both parties.   Payment by bank transfer:  

Open 7 days.  Booking time from 9 am – 10 pm.

The food available to collect at time to suit.  

Our extensive 30-year experience of practice and teaching.  Krua Thai now offers the premium quality option to all loves of Thai food who wish to eat food as medicine for your health.  


Flexible service:  Please advise your special diets/ food allergies, like/dislike which ingredients so that we can maximise the menu for you.  No minimum order for pick up/collect.    Menu below can be changed to vegan or vegetarian, please state ‘Vegetarian’ or Vegan’ with your special diet/food allergies.   

Special offer weekly available from now on: Booking at least 2 days in advance:  £75.-,£85.- £95. for 2 person per set. 

PORTION SIZE:  Menu: Any 3 dishes (approx. 250g /main course/set , boiled rice- 250g/pp). Main  £18/pp)

100% Guaranteed Flavour – Freshness – Quality.

Imported ingredients for those who wish to order curry dishes.  Please book by Mondays as herbs only available in the market once a week.

Gift vouchers for banquet available:   Order food when you wish to have.  Valid for 1 year. 

  1.  Sample Menu:  Steamed salmon with herbs, garlic, galangal, lemongrass. Won ton with mince pork and crispy garlic, Fried rice, Stir-fried noodles with king prawns/chicken/ vegetables and chilli vinegar. Hot and sour salad, hot and sour soup king prawns, Stir-fried king prawns with garlic and black pepper,  Beef /chicken/pork with vegetables, chilli and coriander,  Chicken cashew nuts.
  2. Order  also available 7 days, booking preferably 4 days in advance by phone/appointment :   You can order most dishes as we have time to prepare dishes freshly /especially for you.  Menu, All curies, hot and sour soups, hot salad etc…..any dishes you wish to order.


Sample menu: 

  1. Crispy won ton with minced pork and tamarind chilli dip – 7pcs./pp
  2. Won ton with minced pork with light soya sauce and crispy garlic. .7pcs/pp
  3. Chicken with Pandan leaves with Sweet chilli sauce dip. 5 pcs/pp
  4. Chicken Satay with satay sauce dip and fresh cucumber pickled 5/pp
  5. Fish cakes with chilli sauce dip and fresh cucumber pickled 5 /pp
  6. Mini spring rolls with vermicelli and beansprouts with chilli tamarind sauce dip 5/pp
  7. Sweet corn fritters with cumin, turmeric, coriander, chilli tamarind sauce dip .5/pp
  8. Prawns wrapped with spring roll pastry 4/pp


10. Won ton soup with minced pork or chicken with Chinese leaves and coriander

11. Galangal soup chicken with mushrooms, galangal, lemon grass.

12. Hot and sour soup king prawns or chicken with mushrooms, galangal, lemongrass, lime leaves

13.  Stir-fried minced pork with holy basil

14. Stir-fried chicken or prawns with mushrooms , spring onion

15. Stir-fried chicken or pork or beef with chilli, mushrooms and ginger

16.  Stir-fried chicken or pork or beef with oyster sauce and broccoli or green/red pepper

16A.  Chicken wings or drumsticks, or chicken thigh with lemongrass with sweet chilli sauce.

Curry:  Chicken(organic chicken) ( we use Scottish sirloin steak).

17.  Organic chicken red curry with coconut milk, lime leaves, sweet basil

18.  Organic chicken green curry with coconut milk, lime leaves and sweet basil

19.  Masaman Chicken or beef.

20. Panang: Creamy curry sauce with chicken or beef

21. Popular lemon red curry with coconut milk, lime leaves

22.  Jungle curry with holy basil, no coconut milk

23.  Krua Thai Randang, very little sauce curry with chicken or beef.

24. Fish – salmon with curry sauce, sweet basil

25. Stir-fried vegetables with garlic and chilli

Rice and noodles:

26. Stir-fried rice noodles(Hofun) with chicken/beef/pork   with vegetables and chlli.

27. Pad Thai:  Stir-fried noodles with tamarind sauce, dried king prawns, beancurd, beansprouts, Chinese chives.

28. Pad mee Chiangmai with crispy onion and coriander

29. Fried rice with egg   , with king prawns

30.  Boiled rice : £3.-( bigger than normal restaurants- approx. 2 compacted measuring cups).

Dessert: £10/pp/dish

31.  Banana in coconut milk

32.  Banana fritters with  coconut

33.  Chilled melon with aromatic Thai pandan syrup and coconut milk

34.  Sweet sticky rice  with Thai custard and coconut mil – available in a specific day or by appointment if more number of guests

35. Poached pears with Pandan leaves, honey and white wine.

36. Banana flambe Thai style with coconut butter, palm sugar,

37. Traditional rice balls (approx 1 1/2  cm size ) with coconut milk, Pandan leaves.

38.  Pancake Thai style with mixed fruits compote, Pandan leave.



   We look forward to be your private chef.

















































Have an amazing day out at Krua Thai


Date/time:  To suit clients.  By appointment.


For those who love to eat really nice food and want to know how to cook properly.   Discover the secrets of traditional Thai cookery.  Learn to cook high quality Thai dishes together with their blending techniques from a professional Thai chef. The recipes are guaranteed to be the same as we use in the school’s exclusive outside catering.  Please provide your approx. budget, we will find the best option for you.  

Our clients such as bankers, lawyers, professionals, executives attend from all over the UK and  Europe.

About the course: Our professional cookery demonstration is part hands-on training, including lunch and open to both professionals and non-professionals. Recipes are provided for you to take home and practice your new found skills. Great for pre-Christmas gatherings and excellent for lovers of fine food and professional chefs who are looking to add new dishes to their repertoire or wish to take their career to the next level.

We can do to suit  your maximum budget.   Our service is very flexible unlike other cookery schools.  We offer free tailor-made /customised courses to suit your needs and your budget.   All our classes here is a private tuition, no mix group like other schools either to ensure the most effective and productive learning.   The big group course takes longer time as some quick, some slow, tutor has to keep an eye all students not just one or two persons.  .
What you will learn:   I  can assure you will learn a lot here,  especially cookery techniques, blending techniques at professional level.  An experience  for better quality beyond average restaurants/takeaway.  You will make your own curry paste, while 99% restaurants/takeaway use ready made from supermarket shelves.  You will see the difference in flavour/aroma between real and ready made..
Payment terms:   A non-refundable deposit £100.- Payment by bank transfer, an invoice will be sent to you, a receipt  will follow after the payment.   Then full payment will be made 1 month in advance prior to the lesson.
The recipes/list of menus:  Krua Thai is a professional chef training for Traditional Thai cuisine center and we have chefs from around the world.  We have the largest professional recipes more than 100 dishes for you to choose from.   We offer here are the recipes for Krua Thai outside catering/chef-hire service for our top-flight clients.  We have developed several times and that the best result we finalise before pass on to our students, not just from internet/cookery books.  We will pass on these recipes to you to take home  to enjoy cooking confidently for you, family and show off your friends.   Please advise what you would like to learn from our list or you have in mind and let me know your maximum budget.
How many dishes I can learn:  Because of private tuition.  We organise everything for your hassle free.  You will come to learn the most essential skills, not your existing skills, ie, cleaning, washing vegetables. You can learn as many as dishes you wish.  It will take slighter longer hours ie.. 1 dish for private tuition can takes approx. 1.30 hours, learning, cooking, chopping, but if 3 dishes will take approx. 4.5-5 hours depending on the dishes you cook as some dishes takes shorter time.
Booking:  Booking will made in advance at date and time to suit both parties.   Free postpone any dates at least 10 days in advance, as we have to order ingredients and staff rota, any cancellation less than 10 days will be charge at £100.- to cover our staff on the day as we have to pay as part of our contract agreement.
The price:  Although the cost of  import ingredients has gone up by 25-30%, but Krua Thai  will keep the same fee to ensure and encourage our clients to enjoys cooking.  Since you are far away from us.  I would recommend to do more dishes as it will be very useful for you.  You can cook more at home.  The more dishes you choose it will be cheaper..
Course for 2 persons join together:  We have special offer as follows: 

Our special offer:   Approx. time

Pad Thai theme                          £165/pp- 2.5 hours session

Pad Thai theme                          £255/ for 2 persons – 2.5 hours session

Curry and rice theme                £335/for 2 persons – 3 hours session   

Bangkok Street food theme:     £299/ for2 persons: 3 hours sessions:  Delicious Won ton with minced pork, crispy garlic soya sauce,  Steamed salmon with herbs, Deep fried chicken thigh with lemon grass, turmeric.  (Sample enclosed).

Tailor-made 1:                            £375/ for 2 persons – any 2 dishes 3.5 hours with lunch.

Tailor-made 2:                            £425/ for2 persons -any 3 dishes 3.5-4 hrs. – with lunch and take food home.

Tailor-made 3:                            £485/ for2 persons – any 4 dishes -4.-5 hrs. – with lunch and take the rest home.

Tailor-made 4:                            £545.-/for 2 persons – any 5 dishes – 5-6 hours with lunch and take the rest home. 

 Note:  Special offer:  2 persons cooking will help each other to cook 1 set of banquet to enjoy having a meal together either at the School’s dinning room and take the rest home.  Suitable to those who are couple/family.  This course is not suitable for  those who wish to split into 2 sets.   Below is our standard fee offer for each person.

Special course 1 A                       £299/pp for any 2 dishes from the list – 3.5 hours (£255/pp for 2 persons or more)

Special course 1 B                       £375/pp for any 3 dishes – 4 hours session. (£275/pp for 2 persons or more)

Special course 1 C                       £455/pp for any 4 dishes

Special course 1 D                      £495/pp for any 5 dishes – 6 hrs. 

Payment terms:  The choice is yours either pay in full to save time of making a transfer or pay deposit.   Our terms originally fully payment will be made the same time as booking date as this way we know you are coming and we can organise staff rota well ahead. .  Now we offer  new option for those who wish to pay deposit.  A non-refundable deposit £100.- Payment by bank transfer, an invoice will be sent to you, receipt will follow after the payment.   Then full payment will be made 1 month in advance prior to the lesson.   Second invoice will follow.
Krua Thai standards for high quality ingredients:  We use much more herbs to endure real Thai food like Thailand, not little like what you see in restaurants,  organic chicken, Sirloin beef, pork loin etc…  More info. is on our standard handout.
I am very confident to say that Krua Thai food is definitely much higher quality than the average what you have experienced in general Thai restaurants, take away where profit compromised with their rates and rent where Krua Thai fully own the property, so we put the budget concentrate in the food.   We want  our clients to enjoy Krua Thai food just as very good restaurants in Thailand, quantity, quality for absolute for long term health.  We cater to all special diets even medical conditions, food allergies.  We make our curry paste while, new oil for each client,  99% restaurants, many caterers use readymade curry paste, cheap ingredients from supermarkets’ shelves, frozen/cheap chicken/meat.
Accommodation:  The Travelodge hotel at Cameron Toll, only under 15 mins. walk to the School with parking if you have a car, please bring the car with you as you will take a box of food home.   The School has parking at the drive-in.
I hope this information helps, please feel free to discuss.  I am more than happy to talk through and explain more detail.
  • This course is a cookery demonstration with hands-on training. 
  • Hands-on, however ensures that you both will help each other to cook 1 set of meal.
  • At the end you will be able to cook like a true professional.
  • Thai cookery and blending techniques.
  • Protective clothing and PPE during COVID-19 will be provided.
  • Jasmine tea will be provided throughout the session.

Note: Time to suit clients and is approximate only. Soft drinks available

Price: To suit clients budget.   Please contact the School and we will find the best option for you.