Price:From £550-

 Super-yacht chef advanced traditional Thai culinary training:   

  • Training/coaching to suit your time and budget 
  • Suitable for those who are looking for quality and want to get it right at the first time.
  • Your request proposal will be sent to you/your captain within 24 hours 
  • Private tuition to ensure highly effective and productive training – better than group   
  • You are guaranteed achieve best solution from day 1 
  • After sales service : full support 24/7
  • Flexible/intensive training.  Learn the needs to know to  suit your needs
  • On-going assessment – Certificate of achievement will be awarded   
  • Photos will be sent for your records: Thai cookery, Fruit carving
  • Krua Thai has trained many chefs directors from various cookery schools in UK and Europe to teach students in their schools, but not all recipes as they only come from 1- 5 days.   
  • List of accommodation will be provided

Professional chefs at Krua Thai 60% are chefs from luxury yachts from Europe/US/Australia. Why learn from Krua Thai.  The School is a Thai cookery training centre and has been trained several chef directors from various cookery schools in UK  and Europe.  How to produce top quality food fast and exquisitely ready from 15 mins. -1 hour.  You need special techniques,   We will train you to master Thai cuisine in a very short time to cook for very exclusive and sophisticated clients plus to impress your team while on board.   After the training, you will be able to work and cook superior Thai food on super-yachts of any size around the world.  Our training available from 1 day to 10 days.   For those who don’t have time you can cook more dishes and work longer hours.    Thai cooking is not just only salt and pepper you certainly need the best solution.  We have solution for you to enjoy stress free cooking Thai food.

Our short course is highly effective and through its 1 to 1 training is highly productive.  You will achieve a high degree from just 1-day training course.  You will be encouraged to use your full imagination, create finesse and exquisite results to maintain a happy vessel.  This training can be most challenging.  You will be trained in various culinary skills such as working alone, creative recipes and food presentations, understanding dietary requirements and allergens, alternative diets for the owner also internal and external customers.  Moreover you will learn how to be flexible and adaptable, especially to work with available ingredients.

Why not talk to us to find out how we can make you achieve best performance and ask for training sample.    It is our job to maximise your benefits and to ensure the training is perfect for your needs.

What our recent chef say:  Thanks chef!   I am sweating chef!!! Craziest job I’ve ever had hahahaha so tonight they have:  Grilled Lobster, Steamed fish Thai style, Green curry, hot and sour soup amazing king prawns, Sirloin beef salad, Papaya salad, Fried rice.  The recipes you gave me, they’ve tried already and asked for it again!.  Big buffet…we sailing now so had to cook quickly after lunch today!  Haha crazy madness, but if I hadn’t come to your school I wouldn’t be half as okay as I am now.  I will write an amazing review soon. Just need to finish this charter in a week or two xxx

Our fees:  From £550- £950/pp/day training.

We look forward to welcoming you.