Price:From £550/pp/day training


Date/Time:  By appointment to suit you.  Private group organised by clients.

Sample of our testimonial from one of executive development chefs who needs to discover the secrets of traditional Thai cuisine to develop standards in his work place.  more please click here.

Hi Ru
Thanks for sending them through. I had a quiet day today and have started to go over my notes from last week, sounds like there will be no such break for you! I really enjoyed the course and learned a lot, now I will be able to start this job with the confidence of having the proper foundational knowledge so thank you. I will keep you posted on how it goes and keep an eye out for any further opportunities for training that may come up.
Take care for now.

As professional level.  You need to find out before your final decision: 

  1. The outcome that suit your business needs
  2. Professional choice of menus which we have the largest menu over 100 dishes to choose from
  3. About us Rujira Herd:  Very important is tutor’s fully qualified chef with formal qualification background not just one who claims his/herself as a chef but no formal qualification from cookery schools in Thailand for tourists and not relevant to your business needs.   Below is the information to help with your final decision. 


Come and learn the most useful blending techniques from Krua Thai.  Our students from more than 30 countries.  Learn to cook high quality Thai dishes together with blending techniques from a professional Thai chef.  We will reveal our trade secrets to you and will take you through each process step by step.  Recipes are guaranteed to be the same as we use for the school’s exclusive outside catering. Students will be shown how to cook Thai food using various herbs to achieve the intensive flavour that Thais expect in high quality cooking but that is difficult to find outside their country.

Our flexible service:  Our service is very flexible, we set up the training to suit your needs. This is specific training to be able to use effective for your business.

About the course:  Private tuition to ensure effective and productive training and time will be for only you.   100% hands-on training, including lunch.  Recipes are provided for you to take home and practice your new found skills at your own work place. 

What will you learn: From our vast experience in top flight clients..  Our training will be true intensive professional training using informal format  to ensure students master in a very short time.   Your 1-5 days training will be equivalent to 6 months training in Thailand (time has been wasted and prolonged. opposite service from Krua Thai fast efficient training).

You should ask the boss to sponsor this course  as you will be able to monitor and develop the better quality to ensure customer retention for their company.  Kerry, Noon, Covent Garden soups, chain restaurants/takeaway, The Seafood company (Youngs), Holiday Inn, Boeing, superyacths sponsored to their staff.  Food manufacturers paid for their development chefs to come here.   However, if you pay yourself you don’t need to tie up a contract.

You can choose any dishes to cover 1,2,3,4,5 days. We provide you extra to cover everything both how to develop the dishes using ready made curry paste.  After training top quality Thai cuisine using superior quality ingredients with intensive /more herbs for top flight clients then go to the Takeaway quality for those who are in this line. This will be another training cost, but I will include FREE  in your training which will save you to do 2 times at the same price.

How many dishes:  There are approx 4-8 dishes per day depending on how many you wish to cook and the budget.   they put on the menu:   Red colour text, you can learn if you wish  12 dishes.

For example:  if you wish to cook 4 dishes per day, there will be a lot of prep work for the first day to cover 3 days.  You will learn a lot, not just 4 dishes.  You will learn how to make fresh curry paste, proper accompaniment dishes, crispy garlic/oil, sauces, chilli in oil for hot and sour soup.   All of these are extra dishes from the list.   We will be able to cover all as we do mise en place prior to the training.  Sample dishes you wish to learn per day:

  1. Stir-fried chicken with cashew nuts.
  2. Fried chicken Bangkok style
  3. Stir-fried egg noodles
  4. Pad Thai


  1. Chicken garlic and black pepper
  2. Stir-fried vegetables
  3. Chicken satay
  4. Spring rolls


  1. Stir-fried noodles with holy basil
  2. Hot and sour soup chicken, king prawns
  3. Red curry
  4. Green curry


  1. Panang (dry curry)
  2. Masaman (mild curry with potato)
  3. Yellow curry
  4. Fried rice with egg/chicken


  1. Prawns spring rolls (Goog hom pa).
  2. Stir-fried chicken with sweet Thai basil
  3. Stir-fry vegetables
  4. Larb – Hot and sour salad minced chicken/pork or beef


  1. Yum – Hot and sour salad vermicelli with minced pork
  2. Spare ribs Thai style


Extra dishes to both options.:  Typical Thai breakfast:

  1. 2 dishes Rice soup Thai style
  2. Salad/dish accompaniment dishes for typical Thai breakfast
  3. Stir-fried for traditional Thai breakfast

Fruit carving and food presentation:  If you wish to learn introductory fruit carving and stay longer,. we can insert the fruit carving, this will be excellent for you to use for your event.  We offer £250. for 7 designs fruit carving during your training (normally £675/pp/day)  Free 1 set of carving tools.. If you wish please add into the bill.  total 5 hours.  we can split into 3 days.

Sample of training price: £550 for 4 dishes per training: x 5 =£2,750.   Takeaway training technique:  £550 for 4 dishes per training:, x 5 days=£2,750 .-  We can do this for 3 days:  at 7 – dishes per day for longer ie. till l 6- pm.  Time can be longer as we need to cover all.    At the same time, we will do Take away training.  It will be the most invaluable training.   You will see a big improvement after the training I can assure you.  The training in just 3 days will enable you to fix the problem, and be able to develop or expand future dishes.

There are 2 options special offer:

3 x days training: 4 dishes per day training total 12 dishes @ £550/pp/day (or £130. 50 per dish) (normal £575/pp/day) : Total: £1,650.– Blending techniques, traditional cut and length, accompaniment dishes

10 am – 4 pm.


3 days training: 7-8 dishes per day training total 25 dishes if you wish to do all:  @ 800/day (or £80/per dish): total: £2,400–(normal price £130.50/per dish) concentrate on pure blending techniques and traditional cut and length.  Accompaniment dishes.

(10 am – 6 pm.) Some ingredients ie. peel garlic, onion, wash vegetables, all will be ready for you as you already have these skills.

(if you choose this, you will be able to use every dot of your knowledge for your development.   You can come back for more later.  

Price and course description:  To learn all  dishes from the menu from ie. your chain takeaway and able to use this knowledge immediately from day 1.  Training 3 days will take longer hours (10 am.-6 pm), this will cover cooking with  Krua Thai secrets formula course  takeaway training course .

The training outcome:: You will see both top and  medium cuisine which you will need to know.  We offer after sales service/training: 24/7 I will be answering/chat  or to suit both parties.   This will give you information and bring the results you need for work.  I am very confident to say you will learn so much and it will be an eye opening to the secret trade of Thai cuisine.

Everything will be prepared and ready for training.  No time will be wasted during the training to ensure the most effective and productive day.

Accommodation :  The Travelodge the best accommodation and best price in town.  Near us, 10 mins walk.  The Brae lodge guest house near is at a higher price.

I hope this information is useful to help with your final decision.  Please feel free to give me a call.  I am more than happy to discuss to ensure the training is perfect for your company.

The course will cover essentials as follows:
1. Introduction to traditional Thai cookery and the ingredients.
2. Accompanying sauces: You will learn how to make tamarind, fruity sauce and chilli fish sauce.
3. Cooking techniques suitable for either 1 portion or multiple portions.
4. The typical ingredients of Thai curry paste and the different ingredients in each curry.
5. Making homemade curry paste using Thai herbs – a natural medicine for long term health.
6. Advice on recipes that are suitable for deep freezing or for serving immediately.
7. Tips on food preparation to ensure pre-prepared dishes are ready to serve quickly.
8. Tuition and instruction on which ingredients are most suitable for commercial use.
9. Techniques to ensure pre-cooked dishes maintain the same taste as freshly cooked dishes.
10. The essentials of making stock in Thai cuisine.
11. Cutting style and techniques used for professional cooking.
12. Blending techniques for Thai cuisine.
13. Cookery processes in Thai cuisine and a lot more….


Have a brilliant time!

Please note: Times to suit clients and  are approximate only. Soft drinks available

Price: From £550/pp/day.  Let us know your budget we will find the best option for you.

Payment:  By bank transfer.  Please contact the school before you book.