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 WHY BUY A GIFT VOUCHER FROM KRUA THAI:   You can contact via email or tel direct to the School 24/7 with our prompt reply policy, you are guaranteed to get the experience.  Please check before you buy any gift voucher from others online, they don’t have tel. to contact plus some takes 7 days to reply plus any bankruptcy, you will lose your money as you have contracted with the online agent not the suppliers.   

URGENT VOUCHER(S): Please send email with recipient’s name, which occasion, address to be delivered to.  Then call us 0131 664 3036, or 0783345819 for fast communication as sometimes we are busy with classes, not checking email all the time.

THE RECIPIENT(S) can book at a date to suit them just like booking hairdresser, you go when you are available.  Voucher valid for 1 year.

COVID 19:  The School follows the government guidelines. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) will be provided, temperature check on your arrival.


MOTHER/FATHER’S DAY:  Say thank you for mum or dad with something really special from Krua Thai.  Special offer: £299 for 2 persons (you and your mum.  Normal fee £250/pp).  Thai Street Food theme: 3 dishes:  


Weekly available from now on: Booking at least 2 days in advance: £45, £55.-£65.-,£85.- £95. for 2 person per set.

Gift vouchers for banquet available.  More info.  click here:   Order food when you wish to have.  Valid for 1 year. 

The Krua Thai Cookery School’s (  gift voucher is a perfect present for all occasions, even for someone who has everything (but perhaps not with professional knowledge of Thai cookery). We offer you professional recipes which are unlikely to be found in cookery books or the internet. You will not regret your decision.    Please see the sample of our gift vouchers at the bottom of the page.

It is our job to make you achieve success once you have paid for.  No matter if you are complete beginners or a great cook, you will learn better blending techniques and how to perfect the final product like a true professional.     During the lesson, you will learn a lot and will realise which techniques you have not got before.

Our special offer this month you can join in 2 persons:  All Masterclass,  you will learn all the necessary techniques and ability to cook Thai food confidently and professionally.  Helping each other to cook and have lunch/meal at the school.   If you wish to bring all the food home.  2 of you must have lunch together, can’t separate Thai food into 2 sets.

NOTE: Private tuition can be delivered at your home at extra fee from as low as £100.– for Edinburgh postcode EH1-EH17, EH21,EH25.  Other zone extra fee £150.-

The Budget:  Let us know what you wish to spend before contacting us.

Below are a sample of our special offers.  Note: For non-professional Masterclass Thai cookery.  

  1. £69- £99/pp available in 7- 30 August 2021:  Booking:  contact the School. 2 hrs session.
  2. Pad Thai £165/pp or £255 /pp if 2 persons join together,  2.5 hrs.
  3. Red Chicken  Curry theme with rice or noodles, £335. For 2 persons (normal fee £225 per theme) you will learn how to serve this delicious meal like Thailand.  Learn essential herbs we use in Thailand. 2.5 hrs.
  4. Any 2 dishes :   £365 for 2 persons.   Approx. 3.5 hours.  Depending on your chosen dishes, cooking, tasting duration.   
  5. Any 3 dishes for £375 for 2 persons. Approx. 4 hours depending on your chosen dishes, cooking, tasting duration.   
  6. 4 dishes set menu:  Bangkok Thai street food:   Steamed Salmon with lemongrass, chill, aromatic Thai herbs, Hot and sour salad with chilli, lemon juice, herbs, Fry Chicken thighs with turmeric lemongrass. Crispy won ton with minced pork, tamarind chilli sauce dip.  price £365 for 2 persons or  £295/pp.
  7. 3 dishes for 335/ for 2 persons, or £235 /pp:  Set menu ‘Thai Street Food’:  Delicious dumpling/wonton with soya sauce, chilli and crispy galic dip, steamed fish with lemongrass, galangal, fresh pepper corns, mixed herbs, Chicken drumsticks with garlic, lemongrass excellent with starter or main.  

Everything will be provided.  No time is wasted in unnecessary tasks ie. cleaning, peeling, washing vegetables, tidying up.  All ingredients are ready for you to start cooking immediately.  Drinks available throughout the lesson, you drink when you need, no time for coffee break.  We spend time on training.

You can choose any for them to what you like and send them a voucher for a present.   They surely will be most delighted.   You all will be our special guests on the day, learn a lot and will be well looked after.  

Course fee                      You are free to set up your course at your budget and date/time to suit you                     

Standard fees: Times are approximate only as we can’t control your tasting time

Pad Thai theme:           -£165/pp.- approx. 2.5 hours

Curry and rice theme:  – £299/pp – approx. 3 hours.

                                       -£345/2 persons – 3 hours. 

Any 3 dishes:                -£375 for 2 persons.

 Busy lifestyle:             – £175/pp – 2.5 hours- Choose  2 dishes:  Stir-fried chicken with chilli mushroom, fried rice, or steamed salmon  with Thai herbs, chilli, lemongrass, cooked wonton with minced pork or  crispy won ton with minced pork, fruity tamarind sauce dip (great for salad dressing too).  Extra person £125/pp.  or £300 for 2 persons helping each other to cook 1 set of meal.

 Special Course 1           -£299/pp for any 2 dishes 3.5 hours

                                         -£265/pp for 2 persons +

Special Course 2           -£335/pp for any 3 dishes 3.5-4 hours

                                        -£285/pp for 2 persons +

Special Course 3           -£375 for individual tuition (any 4 dishes) –4-5 hours.

                                        -£355 per person (2 persons + ).-4.5 hours.

Special Course 4           -£465 for individual tuition (total 5 dishes)-tailor-made. 5-5.30hrs.

-£395 per person (2-4 persons who arrange a lesson together).

Special Course 5           -£559 for individual tuition (total 6 dishes)- tailor-made. 5-6 hrs.

                                       -£455 per person (2-4 persons who arrange a lesson together).

Special Course 6           -£630 for individual tuition (total 7 dishes)- tailor-made. 6-7 hrs.

                                       -£550 per person (2-4 persons who arrange a lesson together).

Special Course 7         -£680 for individual tuition (total 8 dishes) tailor-made. 6-7 hrs.

                                      -£650 per person (2-4 persons who arrange a lesson together)

Extra dish: £100/dish/pp.

Professional               -£575-£700.- per person/day  for professional course 5/6 dishes.

Fees are fully inclusive of all high-quality ingredients and protective clothing.

Please note: group tuition will be organised by clients and cook the same chosen dishes. 

Payment                         By cheques or bank transfer to: –Krua Thai Cookery School.:

HOW TO ORDER:      Via e-mail with Recipient’s name (for our welcome letter), budget, address to be sent to.

Terms & Conditions

Payment will be made in full for vouchers before delivery.  Provisional bookings will be held 2 days.

If none suits you. Please feel free to advise your maximum budget.  It will be easier for us to find the best option for you.  

Our gift vouchers will ensure the recipient will remember the special day for a long time. Just one phone call is all it takes. We will do the rest through our efficient delivery service.   You will not have time to feel lonely during the lesson as there are so many things to learn.  You will learn much more than at a large group lesson. 

Buy gift voucher(s):  You will need to send e-mail to the School first with your tel.  number just in case of non-delivery.   We will send you a full list of courses over 20 choices to choose from.

Urgent gift voucher:   The welcome letter will be sent to you use as a gift voucher provided you agree to pay the same day as the voucher/welcome letter is sent to you.   Failure to do so we reserve the right to cancel the voucher.    The unpaid voucher is the property of the Krua Thai Cookery. School.

New offer: Buy now pay later is very flexible – free interest and service.   This offer to those who need the voucher(s) quickly and wish to delay paying your purchases for up to 4 months period.   ie.  vouchers value £375:  You pay first £100, month 2: £100, month 3: £100. month 4 : £75.- After the full payment has been made then book the lesson/training.

Collect the voucher(s) at the School:  Please make an appointment before you come as the voucher is not readymade like other cookery schools or businesses.    It will take 30 mins. to make the voucher exclusively for each client with his/her name.

Christmas vouchers: Will be free delivery by first class post.     To ensure the vouchers reach you on time,  please book by 17th Dec to avoid extra cost as the post office will be very busy during this period and takes 4-5 days to reach you (normally 1-2 days).    However, you can come to pick up the vouchers at the school by appointment only as the vouchers are handmade exclusively to each recipient only.  Please contact the school if you have not received the voucher after the expected time.



UK.  Free delivery first class post within 2 -3 days (except during Xmas 4-5 days). 

Europe: Free delivery within 5-7 days.

Other parts of the world: Free delivery within 7-10 days.

HOW TO BUY GIFT VOUCHERS:  Please organise well in advance, will be less hectic for you.  Each voucher is a personalised gift voucher, hand wrap to each client with his/her name on our welcome letter, unlike department stores or shops.  To allow us to send to you or the recipient nicely, correctly and in time.  Before you buy please discuss with the school by e-mail or phone to find out what you will get for each price.  We are here to help.   We will use below information for our gift voucher.  Please provide as follows:

1. Recipient’s full name  (Mr. Mrs. Miss, Dr, Sir.. etc .)

2. Number of vouchers required (ie.  1 vouchers but with 2 names, or 2 names with 2 vouchers)

2. For which occasion ( ie, Christmas present, Anniversary, birthday/which date, wedding..etc…)

3. When do you wish to have your gift voucher (ie. by 15 Dec. ).

4. Full address to be sent to you or the recipient.    Please also provide your e-mail and tel.  in case of non-delivery.

Superior gift vouchers by Krua Thai:   Why buy from Krua Thai

Good quality isn’t cheap.  Lower quality will definitely be cheaper.  They do not come with a warranty.    Krua Thai recipes is guaranteed for life – The recipes that you can show off your clients/family/friends proudly, confidently, professionally.  We work 24/ 7 days from 9 am -10 pm:

  • Private tuition or group lesson for traditional Thai cookery ie. the secret how to make curry paste or fruit carving.
  • A special present for a special person who would love an amazing day out.
  • Flexible service.
  • Each voucher is hand-made exclusively for each client with the name of the recipient recorded on the back.  It will take time to prepare so please book in advance.  It will be beautifully and impressively wrapped ready to present to the recipient.
  • Voucher to suit your budget.  Please feel free to discuss.  We are more than happy just to talk and help. 
  • Gift vouchers are a secret present and their details will remain confidential. The voucher does not display any cost but this will be recorded in our files.
  • Urgent gift vouchers can be sent without delay.
  • Buy direct from Krua Thai rather than agents online to avoid any hassle. 
  • Valid for one year.
  • Prompt attention and fast delivery.
  • Classes or meeting by appointment only.
  • FREE DELIVERY by first class post.
  • The full payment must be made when booking the date for the lesson.

If you want to compare  Krua Thai with others.    The word  ‘Fantastic’ from other places,  but to which level if you have not tested on Krua Thai quality.   The same when you compare between  Mercedes and Fiat, or Apple and Huawei  -which one is better quality for long-term use, more professionally effective/speed/faster.   Please check by comparing like for like not just look at the price.     Questions that you may wish to raise ie.  Is the ready-made curry paste will be mixed with the fresh(this means the chef only show you how to add extra when using ready made curry paste like they do in restaurants, or chefs can’t perfect the curry paste precisely, so s/he will need to use the ready-made curry paste) ( this shows chefs don’t have skills in making curry paste nicely deliciously),  or is everything chopped ready to put in the pot/wok, the food only cover lunch not taking all food home to cover 3-4 people like Krua Thai do, a big group not private, using camping gas, not a professional kitchen, no recipes to show clearly.     Here some samples of reviews: using ready made curry paste and everything chopped and ready to cook.

According to Trading Standards, if you buy vouchers online and the company ceases trading, you are likely to lose your money. Dealing directly with the Krua Thai Cookery School will offer you peace of mind.

Please give us a call or e-mail us.  Our friendly service is fast and efficient.  Delivery normally takes 1-2 days in the UK and up to 7 days for delivery to other parts of the world.

You don’t need to have a massive budget.   Our prices are from  £100/pp for group or as low as £150/pp for private lesson and you can enjoy the best meal and the best recipes to take home.

 “The best present I’ve ever had.”  That’s what our customers say”


Price : Our price for private tuition from, £150 – £750/pp/day as there are over 20 choices.   We can offer the voucher to suit your budget.  It is better you tell us what is your maximum budget, we will find the best option for you.  Please feel free to discuss your requirements.  We are here to help to ensure the course is perfect for you.  At the end you will take your food home to cover from total 2- 4 people depending on the course you choose, plus you have a full meal before you leave the School.   Please check with others if you will get the same quality/quantity as Krua Thai.  

Payment: Please don’t send money before discussion your course with us by phone or e-mail.  By bank transfer or Paypal.  Our PayPal for those who already discussed the price with the School prior to making payment.   Please contact the school before you buy via PayPal as the price may not match with your gift voucher.  


All vouchers valid for 1 year.  The vouchers can be passed to others but cannot be exchanged for cash.  Booking via e-mail with contact number.

Sample of our personalised gift vouchers.   Please book in advance.  

Hand-made by Krua Thai- Exclusive  for someone very special.   Free post.


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Please contact the school before you pay via PayPal so that you read details of courses before you buy.

OR select payment/voucher amount: GBP