Thai cookery
Price:To suit your budget
  • Number of People: Small group


Let your team has an amazing day. We have entertained and facilitated groups such as bankers, chief executives, lawyers and financiers from across the UK and Europe.   

Our clients are from all over Europe.  Therefore the budget can be small or big.  Our service is very flexible.   We will do what you wish to run your event.    We don’t send a quote like contractors.


Quality team building can be a very powerful method of enhancing your business success and the way to strengthen your team to work effectively together relationships and developing levels of communication.


Krua Thai offers flexible team building to suit your needs at your maximum budget.  Your team will be busy and fun to learn the different ingredients used in Thai cuisine.  The team will work and cook great dishes together.

Krua Thai offers a flexible service.  We can set up any numbers of the team event and may be able to work at your tight budget.  Please organise in advance to allow us to help you to organise the best possible team event.   We have experience with the corporate event for over 22 years.  Please feel free to discuss before you set up the plan then blend to your programme especially those who will do multiple activities on the same day.   Thai cookery task/demonstration will be lunch after and will be a full meal.  Those who are planning to have some light snacks before coming to Krua Thai or plan to go out for dinner after the cookery demonstration.   We will not recommend this idea.   But drink after will be ok.


Serve food that your team love and interest in learning new exciting tasks.   Krua Thai will take photos during the event for your memorable day.

Please remember you are here to have high-quality Thai meal we make our own curry paste beyond general Thai restaurants standards which most of them (99%)  using curry paste from supermarket shelves.  We cook exclusively for your team, learn the secrets of Thai cuisine and take recipes home, therefore the price will not expect to be the same as your  3-course lunch or dinner in general Thai restaurants where you are served with profit compromised quality.      If you don’t know your budget please check with your HR manager as his/her job to set up the budget for team building.   It will be clearer information and we will send a proposal to you to fit your budget not over or under your budget.    Food in a restaurant, they don’t teach you how to cook like Krua Thai.  Therefore, please do not expect the same price.  Our cookery lesson fee from £125/pp (2 hrs session) – £700/pp per lesson: 7 hours session.   A corporate event is the best price: learn how to cook PLUS  full meal and longer hours.  Learn and enjoy high-quality food.  The recipes take home for life experience. The price relates to the numbers of delegates.    Krua Thai kitchen will set up exclusively for each group, we use the same number of staff no matter 5-30 delegates, the setup cost is the same.  

 Before contact the School, it will be more effective communication if you have below information.  This will help us to find out the best option quicker for you:  

  • Your maximum budget
  • How many people
  • Duration – how many hours you wish to do
  • What do you wish to learn, give us a list of dishes
  • Time
  • Date
  • Special diet

Once we have all of this information, we will send you a proposal close to your request without pushing sales.   Once you have received our proposal, please feel free to amend even several times, let us know a ‘YES’ or a ‘NO’ or ‘AWAIT’  that’s all we need.

Note: Price excluded wine/alcohol.   The School does not have an alcohol license.  Please bring your own alcohol drinks. We have all the glasses ready for you.


Looking for something different?  Celebrate before or after closing a deal or just spend an enjoyable evening with friends or clients in our smart and relaxing dining room, a tasteful blend of classic Thai and Victorian style.  Our aim is to ensure your event is unique and unforgettable. Guests will be shown how to cook high-status Thai cuisine.  You will discover the secrets of traditional Thai cookery.

If you wish to try fruit carving, we can fit this into the programme to suit your schedule.  You will be shown the best techniques to deliver results in the shortest time.  We are very confident that you and your guests will be entirely satisfied with our service, our warm hospitality and attention to detail.

Please let us know your plans and we will submit a draft programme for your consideration.

Our service includes:

  • Exclusive private lunch or dinner
  • Team building exercises
  • Staff rewards
  • Bespoke cookery demonstration (part hands-on) and tasting at a time to suit you.  Let us know your budget we will find the best option for you
  • Cookery demonstration with dinner with stunning food presentation.
  • Fruit and vegetable carving and food presentation
  • Looking for the best corporate event, unique and unforgettable
  • Aprons will be provided.
  • The recipes are guaranteed to be the same as we use for our exclusive outside catering.


Price:  To suit your budget.  Please advise your maximum budget and contact the School or if you wish lower budget.   We will sort out the best option for you.

Sample price low and high budget:  Our standard price from £70- £180/pp.   However, for those who wish to set a low budget, a minimum order  ( group – for lunchtime – menu typical quick Thai lunch 3-course meal, starter, noodles, dessert), Evening from £700 -/group.  Starter, soup, curry, rice, noodles, dessert).   Please feel free to talk to us and find out more.   There are many options  we can offer you.


“Enjoy our charming hospitality and attention to detail”