Krua Thai Cookery School
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Course Leader Message

from Rujia herd, founder and course leader

A warm welcome or Swadee in Thai!

The Krua Thai Cookery School attracts students from all over the world who wish to discover the trade secrets of traditional Thai Cookery. 

My aim is to provide traditional Thai cookery techniques and recipes of a quality that you would expect to find in good restaurants in Thailand as well as to improve the standards of food presentation and fruit and vegetable carving, a skill which is little known in this country. 

Rujira Herd, School Founder and Course Leader

Thailand is known throughout the world for its charming hospitality and the Krua Thai Cookery School aims to maintain this wonderful tradition. 

The teaching staff at Krua Thai are formally and highly trained professionals who have more than 28 years’ experience in the real world of restaurant and commercial catering and are committed to offering you a unique level of knowledge that is seldom available from books or college courses. 

The course is set up in a way that I myself would love to be taught, making the whole experience effective and productive. As a chef myself, we offer you a lot of steak with little sauce. I hope this is what you are looking for.   For your benefits, please  let us know your special diets/food allergies, ingredients you don’t like as stated in all courses offered. This allow us to prepare and ready for you especially group lessons.  

We have more than 100 excellent and highly professional recipes for you to up and running restaurants confidently without fear of your competitors, impress your guests/clients compare to other cookery schools where they have less than 20 recipes, some even less than 10- recipes because of limited experience / skills they are unable to provide a lot.

We have been contracted as a specialist chef to business executives and a variety of top-flight clients across Europe to prepare and present Thai banquets and theme buffets for both national and international events. We have also trained many high calibre chefs both national and international i.e. development chefs, food technologists, private chefs, butlers, house managers, chefs from private yachts, and executive/sous chefs from chain hotels, restaurants and bars. We cater to their exact needs to help them enhance their careers and get ahead of their competitors.

our initiatives and our ideas are endless

Some of our clients, such as the Hilton board executives and chef Albert Roux hired us to work at some of their special events either cooking and/or displaying dishes in a unique Thai style rarely seen in this country.

Our services include a Thai food consultancy through which we develop menus and recipes for various upmarket Thai restaurants across Europe to ensure the taste and standard always maintains the same high quality. We have many advanced techniques to pass on to you compared to the usual western home cooking style and I am very confident that the Krua Thai Cookery School is the perfect place for anyone wanting to obtain more information about Thai food and learn the very best techniques of professional Thai cookery, either to enhance their careers or simply to add to their own personal cooking skills to impress their family and friends. 

Our recipes have not just been handed down from the older generations, but have been researched and tested repeatedly to ensure that each of them satisfies the 3 key vital senses of sight, aroma and taste before we pass them on to our students. We offer both theory and practice to ensure every one of our students receives the optimum training possible.

Krua Thai has been successful because of various reasons: Strict principle. We provide worry free service, our high level of integrity, emphasise on quality, discipline, sense of responsibility. We are totally committed and enjoy what we do. We believe performance comes first then money comes after, passionate to pass on knowledge, maximise each client’s benefits. We get it right from start and are serious both theory and practice. Consumers the whole world would have been very happy with hassle-free if all businesses have the same work ethic like Krua Thai. Just because of our attitude and our skills, for all of these reasons we have customers from 35 countries rely on our specialism and our expertise.

flexible, enthusiastic teaching

The Krua Thai Cookery School has been based in its own private property for over 33 years, guaranteeing not only high-quality teaching but a safe, dedicated environment in which you can learn.

We aim to ensure 100% satisfaction with all clients so only charge for what we agreed to deliver and offer a very prompt 24 hour refund policy (within the UK, please allow up to 4 days for overseas). That is the principle. You are most welcome to give us a call. We are more than happy just to talk and help to ensure you are very happy to go ahead with our service and that the course is perfect for you.

We promise to reveal our trade secrets. as our clients say on our testimonial page All our students are part of the Krua Thai family as part of our after-sales service policy and they are most welcome to contact the School at any time. I look forward to welcoming you.


Why not join us and be our special guest for a day while you learn from a willing and enthusiastic tutor ? You will be amazed at how much you can learn in just a few hours!

Swadee ka.

Rujira Herd: BA (Hons) IHM, Dip. Cul, Dip. HTM, Dip. BA

Founder and Course Leader

Edinburgh fringe Festival

Find us at venue 376

Following up on the amazing success of previous years, we are pleased to announce that we are once again back at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, during which we offer a range of classes, demonstrations and more!

To purchase tickets or to view what’s on offer please visit our page on the Edinburgh Fringe website.