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quality and taste are vital to your customers

Rely on our specialism & our expertise

The Krua Thai Cookery School offers its expertise in traditional and modern Thai cuisine.

We offer research, development, bespoke training and consultancy for food manufacturers/distributors and restaurants, enabling you to deliver absolute customer satisfaction and ensure you stay ahead of your competitors. We are confident that we can resolve your problems quickly. It is important for suppliers/chefs to understand and recognise quality ingredients or the characteristics of sight, aroma and taste that make up every traditional Thai dish. We will impart our trade secrets to you, along with the dos and the don’ts which we have gleaned from our many years of experience.

Some of the clients we have worked with over the years include: Albert Roux, Noon Products, M&S, The Seafood Company, Covent Garden Soup, Amoy Soy Sauce, Lucky Boat Egg Noodles and many more.

Our personal training or consultancy service delivers powerful results

Our service includes vital ingredients for quality Thai restaurants plus effective recipe development that will help you gain a competitive advantage. 

 If you are a distributor, we can advise you of the key ingredients that Thai customers are looking for.  If you are food manufacturer or a restaurant, we can correct and remedy your problems and can help you improve your product and taste to a professional standard, efficiency in the kitchen by highlighting shortcomings that may have gone unnoticed for years. 

We can help with recipe development and coach your kitchen staff to understand and perfect blending techniques to a professional standard.  The training will help you to develop skills in presentation, colour balance, flavours, texture, consistency and portion size.    

For those who wish to set up Thai fusion but have a limited budget please let us know, we are more than happy to set up the training to suit you.  We guarantee your chef will have more ideas on how to develop new cuisine far better than non-training or looking on YouTube!  

coaching for restaurants

Opening a food business can be a challenging and daunting task – let us help you ensure that your team knows exactly what is needed in traditional Thai cuisine.

Outsourcing is essential for an organisation that requires expertise in specific areas. Outsourcing can definitely improve productivity and income. Our aim is to maximise benefits to our clients. We coach our clients to a level of skill and experience that cannot be found in books.

Our service includes:

  • Recipe and research development
  • Blending techniques
  • Presentation techniques
  • Commercial investigation
  • Food implementation
  • Online training – live cooking
  • Recipes and menu design
  • The need to know to secure new business foundation
  • Effective kitchen organisation
  • Specific training for an urgent need to run a Thai restaurant/outside catering
  • Effective mise-en-place
  • Health and Safety and Food Hygiene Communication and teamwork in the kitchen

Our guarantee:

We are fully committed to imparting all the necessary knowledge on the secrets of traditional Thai cookery. We are very confident that our training will help you to increase your sales and attain your long-term investment programme. Students who have completed a course are welcome to contact the school at any time.

How krua thai can help

Improving turnover

If your turnover is down and customers are complaining about the food we can help your staff resolve the problem. We evaluate and help your chef to be efficient and have good mise-en-place.

food hygiene/HACCP consulting

We will inspect and provide you guide on Food Hygiene and HACCP. Also offer to work and ready to present to Environment Health Office.

Setting up a new restaurant

We train head chef to lead the kitchen and control the menu. Poor kitchen working area will not be suitable for the fine-dining chef.

We offer specific training to your chefs and guarantee your chefs to be able to cook Thai food and impress your customers confidently

The intensive training will take from 1-5 days depending on your needs and budget, after which the head chef should finalise the cost, portion control, choosing plates for service to ensure a smooth-running operation.

This service is suitable for those who are restaurant owners but don’t do the cooking. We offer to control and recipes to your restaurant especially when the worst case comes up ie. your head chef/ kitchen staff walk-out and left. We have the recipes and can easily resolve the problem quickly. We offer to visit your restaurant when you wish to have promotion or publicity time.

The visit also ensures all recipes and food are at Krua Thai’s standards to ensure customer retention and leave with a happy smile every time. All travel costs will be at the clients’ expense.

How to choose the chef for training:

There are 2 options to choose a head chef to lead the kitchen – either a non-fine dining chef who is adaptable to use local ingredients or a fine-dinning chef if you want fine-dining & authentic restaurant.

You must make sure all Thai ingredients are available before you choose this option. We recommend you to train 2 chefs with your contract ie. if one leave before contract time they must pay for the cost.

Your kitchen needs to be inspected and approved by a professional body in your area or choosing Krua Thai consultancy. This is essential if you want fine dining chef to work for you. Poor kitchen working environment will not be suitable for kitchen staff/ chefs.
The kitchen must comply with UK/EU hygiene regulations for the food business. The final choice of chef is yours but don’t forget to draw up the contract at least 1 year.

how to keep your staff happy and make them want to stay

Ensure a friendly and fun environment (i.e. allow them to listen to the music/radio, fun party and competition, take time out of work and have team day out), ensure good communication by building a positive rapport with both front and back house by helping hand from time to time.

Give them short breaks as most kitchen/restaurant staff work long hours and set realistic achievable targets for staff without stress. Always listen to your chefs/front house point of view, make your chefs feel valued and appreciated by allowing them to be part of decision-making, especially on how to improve the food service and menu.

Reward your staff – loyal chefs don’t want to leave and retaining them is cheaper than finding and training a new chef. Always ensure excellent customer service. We can guide you on how to establish total happy customers and monitor customers’ feedback/complaints and corrective action. Customer feedback is the most valuable source of information for you to improve your business, but how can you ensure your staff/ customers are happy especially you as the owner are not there all the time.


Why not make an appointment for a chat at time to suit both parties. We have a strong commitment to offering you not just quality, but an honest and very reliable service. Please feel free to discuss any issue you have in mind. We will be more than happy just to talk and help.

Edinburgh fringe Festival

Find us at venue 376

Following up on the amazing success of previous years, we are pleased to announce that we are once again back at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, during which we offer a range of classes, demonstrations and more!

To purchase tickets or to view what’s on offer please visit our page on the Edinburgh Fringe website.